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ICO Advisors

ICO Advisors are at the forefront of the emerging tokenized economy built on the blockchain. They help startups seize new crowdfunding opportunities, develop revolutionary technologies, and create the token economics to pave the way for blockchain adoption and a financial paradigm shift. Our partners include crypto-traders and investors, VCs and crypto-funds, blockchain miners and developers, founders and CEOs, and legal advisors.

Mika Romanoff

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Michele Sibio

Business Developers Recruiting Leader presso ICO Advisors

Micha Roon

Sr. Blockchain Developer at Sweetbridge, Inc.

Massimiliano Rijllo

Co-Founder and CEO at Coinnect SA

Marco Weijden

C6 Advisors | ICO | Blockchain | Crypto

Marco Sala

Founder & CEO @ Archilex Consulting SA - Founder @ ICOLegalAdvisor.io - Legal | IP | Fintech | Blockchain | Regtech