Accept Crypto Payments and Donations

Start accepting crypto payments and donations on multiple supported blockchains, anytime and anywhere in the world without any government authority

Compatible with 14 chains / 157 protocols:

Fast and Secure

    Send and receive crypto payment quickly and safely.

Anywhere in the world

    Enjoy borderless crypto payment anywhere in the world without any limitations thanks to the Web3 technology.


    Accepting crypto payments across various blockchains was never any easier.We cover all EVM blockchains like Ethereum, BSC, Polygon or Avalanche as well as non-EVM as Solana or Polkadot.

Easily Connectable

Connect your Web3 wallet and start sending and receiving crypto payments and donations instantly from anyone around the world without being scared of limitation.

Enable Web3 Payments

Connect to the crypto world by enabling crypto payment with few clicks only.

Powerful APIs Integrations

No coding skills required, start your crypto journey on a user friendly DeFi Dashboard and be able to implement crypto payments to your website without any hassle.

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Who is eligible for accepting crypto payments and donations?

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On which blockchains I can accept crypto payments?

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