Smart Order Routing to Find the Best Trading Price ATM

Identify and realize the best trading possibilities on numerous cryptocurrency exchanges. We aggregate data from around 146 DEXs to make sure you get the best possible price available on the internet.

Quick and Accurate Smart Order Routing

Our smart order routing algorithms ensure the best execution of your orders on your preferred exchanges. We will be the first to detect and complete your orders.

Configure EGG.Fi's Smart Order Routing Algorithms for the Best of Your Needs

Customize your smart order routing strategy or choose from [amount] different trading algorithms to seamlessly and efficiently trade cryptocurrencies.

Easy-to-use smart order routing solutions

The new smart order routing is designed to simplify digital asset management for crypto traders, family offices, ordinary crypto-enthusiasts, and other asset managers.

How does smart order routing work?

Is your data up to date?

Do I have to do anything on my profile to access the best available prices?

What exchanges are already supported?

What assets can be traded with Smart Order Routing?