Easily Launch your Project with EGG

    The #1 Launchpad for crypto projects out there. Access to a large community of cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts, as well as the ability to raise funds through token sales.

Compatible with 14 chains / 157 protocols:

Raise Funds

  • Access a global network of committed backers in a decentralized and open environment.

Eliminate Risk

  • Utilize the expertise and community of Polkastarter while maintaining complete control over your fundraising.

Build a Community

  • Grow and care for your most devoted supporters right now. They have your back.


Get Help from Proven Advisors

Get help from proven cryptocurrency advisors from all over the world and increase the chance of a successful launchpad.

Quality Marketing Support

Receive useful marketing tips for your launchpad from already proven cryptocurrency marketing agencies.


Unique Tokenomics Design

Work with top brand designers and create a unique design for your tokenomics that will attract new investors.

Listing & Scaling

Because of our powerful API integration with our exchanges, market makers, liquidity, and auditors, no skills are required.


Branding Strategy

With our sophisticated branding strategy, you can give your brand a more human side, which your customers will relate to more than a strictly business-oriented company.

What Is a Crypto Launchpad?

How does a Crypto Launchpad works?

Why should I list my crypto project on an Launchpad?