Sell your NFT at No Fees

Sell your NFT, no service and creator fees with your non custody NFT Shop

Compatible with 14 chains / 157 protocols:

No Service Fee

    We find the best, cheapest and most secured blockchains in order to offer our users a possibility to enjoy trading their favorite NFT or NFT Shop totally free on EGG without any hidden fees.

No Creator Fee

    We use affordable blockchains to offer a free NFT minting. Start with the minting of your favorite NFT or NFT Shop at 0% fee and save money on gas fees.

Sell your NFT and NFT Shop

    Start selling your favorite NFT and NFT Shop easily and instantly with a few clicks only by connecting your Web3 wallet address such as MetaMask or Magic on EGG.FI's NFT Marketplace where dozens of fast and reliable blockchains are available.

Always Free

You can select from auctions, fixed-price listings, or declining-price classifieds. You decide how to sell your NFT or NFT Shop, and we make it happen totally for free, no hidden fees.

Enable Web3 Payments

Be among the first Web3 users to enjoy the benefits of a truly decentralized borderless transactions using the blockchain technology. Set up your Web3 wallet of choice, connect it to EGG.FI by clicking the CONNECT WALLET button in the top right corner and start selling your NFT or NFT Shop easily and instantly with the Web3 payments solution.

Powerful APIs Integrations

There are no coding skills required to start using the EGG.FI's Marketplace for selling your favorite NFT or NFT Shop. Start using our powerful APIs integrations today and sell your favorite NFT or NFT Shop instantly and with a few clicks only.

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