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DeFi Liquidity Mining Over Multiple Blockchains

Start liquidity mining by easily adding liquidity to a pool with only ONE asset instead of the previous two and no extra fees!

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The Easiest Way to Mine Liquidity

Efficiently perform DeFi liquidity mining from our list of the best available liquidity pools. No need for technical knowledge or extra fees. With single asset liquidity mining, the added asset gets split 50/50 before being deposited into the DEX. Simply connect your web3 digital wallet to EGG.FI and find the pool that suits you best.

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Automated Liquidity Price Slippage Rebalancing

Find the best route with the lowest costs to keep the slippage to a minimum. EGG strives to make sure that the trade’s expected price is not too different from the price at which the trade is executed.

Disclaimer: Despite some slight slippage possibly happening during rebalancing, EGG.FI does not retain fees from small trades.

Swap cryptocurrencies safely between blockchains without depending on a counterparty and retain complete control of your funds.

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DeFi Liquidity Mining In 3 Easy Steps

Swap any digital asset you want through our user-friendly DeFi Aggregate platform with 3 easy steps:

Connect Your Wallet To Start Mining

Connect to the EGG platform with your web3 digital wallets, such as MetaMask and Fortmatic. You can also connect your wallet with an EGG email account or a separate email with Magic Wallet. Keep in mind that each wallet requires you to login and authorize your wallet differently. Once it is connected, select liquidity mining from the list on the left.

Choose Your Preferred Liquidity Pair

With your wallet connected, you can select one of the liquidity pairs on the liquidity mining tab. Currently, only Ethereum liquidity pools are available, but we will soon support liquidity mining on other blockchains. Choose a pair and “INVEST.” Then, you will see a window where you can choose which token and how much to deposit, and you can also see how it will be allocated in the pool.

Swap Transaction
Confirm Liquidity

On the window of your chosen pair, you can see the pool share and the possible rewards you can gain from the pool. Once you have written the amount you want to allocate, you can click confirm. Depending on the wallet, the confirmation may take some time. But please do not refresh the page, or the process will restart.

DeFi Liquidity Mining Platform FAQs

If you have more questions, contact us


What is Liquidity Mining?

If you were wondering what is liquidity mining, liquidity mining is a community-based approach to market-making and protocol governance. A token issuer or exchange can reward a pool of miners to provide liquidity for a specified token. For example, on the Compound protocol, users who deposit tokens will earn both interest and a share of the Compound governance token, COMP.

How does Liquidity Mining Work?

When users provide crypto assets to liquidity pools, they receive LP tokens, their pooled assets are used for daily swaps on the DEX and the fees from those transactions are collected and distributed based on the LP token amount a miner holds on his wallet address.

What is Coin Control when Providing Liquidity Mining?

Majority of the time, liquidity mining is a decentralized process where you have full control over your funds you add to the liquidity pools and you can withdraw your LP tokens anytime you want.

What are the Risks of Providing Liquidity Mining?

There are few risks when you provide liquidity mining. The most popular liquidity mining risks are:
-Impermanent loss;
-Price volatility of the assets you’ve put in the liquidity pool;
-Rug-pull or similar scam exit.

Can I Trade Assets During The Liquidity Mining Period?

Once you convert your assets into LP tokens and deposit them into the liquidity pool, you are not able to trade them during the liquidity mining period. You will have to withdraw your LP tokens first then exchange them for the desired assets and after that, you will be able to trade your assets without any limitation.

Is There a Way to Avoid Expensive Fees on the ETH Network while Providing Liquidity?

Yes! You can drastically reduce the liquidity mining fees when providing liquidity, the only way is to use Single Token Exposure, luckily, we offer Single Token Exposure to any of our ETH live pools.

What is Single Token Exposure, what are its Benefits?

Single Token Exposure is a process of providing liquidity to a pool by using one token only instead of two tokens as majority of the AMMs require. The first and the most important benefit about this technology is that you are only exposed to a risk of only one token price volatility instead of two, the second benefit is that it reduces a lot of transaction fees.

How are Liquidity Mining Profits Paid Out?

There are various ways of paying out liquidity mining rewards, the most popular one is the auto-compounding method where the rewards from every transaction fee are compounded to your wallet address. By doing this technique, some AMMs may offer higher liquidity mining rewards (APY).