Track Multiple Wallets from a single place

    Track all your digital assets from a simplified and user friendly crypto dashboard.

Compatible with 14 chains / 157 protocols:

Combine Multi-Chain Wallets

    Use only one interface instead of opening several chain explorers at the same time to manage your wallets.


    EGG doesn't escrow your funds, you have a total control over your wallets. Welcome to the magic of DeFi.


    Use EGG without having to pay a penny, it is free and will stay so forever. Unlike banks, our door is open for everyone.


Easily Connect your Wallet Address

Enjoy the Web3 revolution by connecting your wallet address securely with any of our popular Web3 login methods such as MetaMask, Magic or by entering address or ENS name.

Track your Wallet Address History

Don't let any transaction skip you by, start exploring your or any other wallet address' history on EGG's Dashboard for free and be able to copy their trades among the first ones.


Explore, Trade, Stake and More!

Become the crypto farmer you always wanted to be with our simplified and user friendly Web3 Dashboard. Start exploring any wallet address and be able to copy their trades, staking or liquidity mining orders with few clicks only.

Track Assets on Multiple Blockchains

Tracking your digital assets such as coins or NFTs was never been any easier than with EGG Crypto Dashboard. Save time and money when you start tracking your digital assets on our DeFi Dashboard without leaving the page.

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