Quick and Easy NFT Identification on EGG

Introduction to NFT Identification
Acquire a one-of-a-kind NFT linked to your online identity! Your profile information, all in one place!

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Empower Creators and Users by
NFT Digital Identity Verification

Merge your profile information, like your name and history, and store it on distributed servers that can only be accessed with your web3 wallet's specific NFT. Empower users and creators with NFT identity verification.

Advantages of NFT ID

Advantages of NFT Identification

The Easiest Way to Merge Your Social Media into 1 NFT

Combine your whole social media into 1 NFT and use it wherever applicable. Always have your identity at your side.

Zero Knowledge KYC Solution

No need to be concerned about sharing data with websites, thanks to our Zero Knowledge KYC solution. Take advantage of our DeFi solutions and keep your privacy safe.

Easily Connectable

Link your social media to our platform, and decide which information you want to disclose! Experience the web3 crypto space with your new NFT ID.

Approved by Regulation

Have complete control over your personal identification information without the need to rely on third parties for verification. NFT IDs are approved by regulation, so you can sign, create, and verify claims, as well as prove your identity with those you interact with.