Integrate Web3 Login and Payment Methods Into any Website in a Single Click

    You don't need a Web3 Development Agency anymore. Enable Web3 Authentication and Web3 Payments in a few seconds. (no-coding skills required)

Plug & Play

    Easily start using Skyrush’s tools for web3 development, no coding skills required.


    Select between dozens of Frameworks for your website. Web3 payments, login, and much more.

24h 7 Support

    Receive instant customer support whenever you need it.


Enable Web3 Login

Enable multiple Web3 login methods on your website from good old web2 ones such as Google, Twitter, or Facebook to web3 methods like Metamask or

Enable Web3 Payments

Select among thousands of liquid currencies from multiple blockchains to be accepted on your website. Select new-generation low fees blockchains like Polygon or Solana to proven secure blockchains like Ethereum or Bitcoin.


Enable Decentralized Voting

Receive website feedback and analytics by adding a poll/vote feature and progress by being data-driven. Build your own DAO within a few seconds.

Get your Servers for Free

You don't have to rely on paying your servers anymore. By enabling Decentralized Storage and incentivizing your customers, you will be able to have enough shared space to make the platform run by its own community that would not pay as well as they would share disk space for external parties as well.


Start with 85K+ NFT Authentified users

Gamify your onboarding by promoting your project to RUSH users having (or not) been NFT verified. Blockchain is open and so is our database. We don't have a real database anymore and tend to move it fully to the blockchain.

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