Promote your Crypto Project Easily with Web3 Domain Name

    Get your Web3 domain name to showcase all your crypto services, promote your crypto project and grow your audience with the help of EGG.FI Cardboards.

Multi Links Homepage

    Use multi links to promote your project to your community.

NFT Collection

    Promote your NFT Collection easily with EGG's Web3 cards.

Token Market Cap

    Promote your crypto project with popular Web3 domain name and increase your token market cap.


Promote your Projects and Attract New Audiences with your Web3 Card

With our web3 domain name you can connect your crypto assets, NFTs, Social Media Accounts, videos, music, and more. All of this is combined into a web3 card designed to promote your crypto project

Analyze your Audience and Improve Customer Experience

Keep track of engagement over time, manage your revenue, and find out what's attractive for your audience with EGG.FI web3 tools.


Unify your Audience in One Place

With the EGG web3 domain name you have everything you need for your crypto projects. User-friendly solutions for staking, liquidity mining, and much more.

Safe, Smart, and Secure

EGG.FI is dedicated to protecting the privacy of you and your customers. No KYC required, you are the sole owner of your data. 


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