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The Easiest way to exchange crypto without technical knowledge and at the best costs, our algorithms automatically find the best decentralized exchanges for you.

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$ 2.16T

Worth crypto market cap, 8th largest economy globally

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The Easiest Way to trade Cryptocurrencies

Easily and seamlessly exchange crypto, trade and sell crypto assets coins in a matter of minutes! Just sign up, connect your wallet to find the best trading opportunities on EGG.

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The Safest Crypto Exchange Platform with Lowest Entry Fees

We don’t have possession of your coins or private keys which ensures the highest security of your transactions. Use our crypto exchange platform as an aggregator of your wallets. exchange assets, send and receive crypto across multiple blockchains such as BSC, Solana, Avalanche, ETH, Polygon and many more DeFi ecosystems.Read More...

Swap cryptocurrencies safely between blockchains without depending on a counterparty and retain complete control of your funds.

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Exchange Crypto in 3 Easy Steps

Swap any digital asset you want through our user-friendly DeFi Aggregate platform with 3 easy steps:

Connect Your Wallet

Connect your wallet to MetaMask, Fortmatic, email, etc. Keep in mind that you will have to install the software on your computer. Once you’ve installed the software, you’ll get a popup on the right corner of the page, which is a signature request to give you permission to trade after confirmation. Once you’ve connected your wallet, you can go back to the trading platform.

Trade Your Coins At The Best Rate

On the trading platform, you will see a calculator, which calculates transaction fees based on the network you chose. For instance, ≈ 500 USD is equal to 0.1340871 ETH (≈ 476.44 USD). Once you’ve decided how much your deposit is, you can click on the “Trade Now” button.

Swap Transaction
Confirm The Trade

Click on the “Trade Now”, and wait till there opens another popup on the upper corner, which will require your permission to transact. Confirm the trade and wait a few minutes until it is fully completed. Please note, that if you leave or refresh the page, the whole transaction will reset, and you will have to start all over.


Private Key Friction Elimination

It's a well-known fact that private keys are a single point of failure for public-key cryptographies. EGG enables you to securely and efficiently handle all your digital assets via Formatic, thus eliminating this point of failure.

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Crypto Exchange FAQs

If you have more questions, contact us


How does EGG offer the best rates?

By combining the best, cheapest and most secured routes, we are able to provide our users a simplified and affordable DeFi experience where they can swap, stake, or provide liquidity with their assets for pennies.

Does EGG charge a fee on trades?

EGG does not charge a fee on crypto to crypto swaps except for the small transaction fee that goes to the validator for processing the swap transaction. While for fiat to crypto swaps we charge a fixed fee of 3.5% for each trade.

How does EGG’s exchange work?

EGG’s exchange is a fully decentralized exchange that operates on smart contracts making the whole trading experience highly secured and trustworthy.
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