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Track Performance of MULTIPLE DeFi Crypto Wallets in ONE Dashboard

See the performance of all your crypto wallets in one place! No matter if it’s DeFi, just connect to EGG and start your crypto journey.

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Complete Control of DeFi Wallets

Fully control all your crypto wallets from a single dashboard! Find DeFi wallet connections available on our platform, so choose the best one for you!

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Wallet Tracking on 14 Different Blockchain!

Track your wallets from a wide variety of blockchains supported on our web3 platform, including Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Solana, and Fantom.

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Add Actions to Your Assets

Connect your wallets and take advantage of the various features we have on EGG. View your track history, stake crypto, use liquidity mining, and much more!

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Available DeFi Wallets on EGG

Here we can add all the available wallets that are on the EGG and open it with the “read more” button.


Install MetaMask as a browser extension and connect to EGG. This crypto wallet provides you with all you would need to securely manage your digital assets.

Magic Wallet

Connect to EGG using email through Magic Wallet! If you already have an account on EGG.FI or Magic, you can also use it.


Have a WalletConnect compatible wallet? Select WalletConnect and scan the displayed QR code. Alternatively, you can also use it to connect desktop wallets, so if you have Ledger Live, Tokenary (for Safari), Infinity Wallet, Wallet 3, and Ambire wallet, those are also available.

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Opera Crypto Wallet

Connect the Opera Crypto Wallet, which is the first native crypto wallet integrated into a browser. Don’t forget to make sure Opera is installed and your web3 wallet is enabled.


Run Frame, a native desktop application that manages all your accounts, items, and tokens while enabling you to securely and easily connect to any dApp. Being an Ethereum wallet, Frame is compatible with any EVM chains, including Arbitrum, Polygon, Ethereum Mainnet, etc.

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Explore Many Other Advantages

EGG Protocol puts user needs above all else. Here is our panoply
of advantages aimed at improving your DeFi experience:


Add Unlimited Wallets with No Extra Fees

The sky's the limit! Add as many crypto wallets as you want without any extra fees! A great way to view all your wallets at a glance.l.


Real Time Blockchain Indexing

See all the changes in real-time thanks to blockchain indexing, which organizes the information on the blockchain.


User-Friendly UX with NO Complexities

No more complex UXs or the UXs of multiple different protocols! View all of the information about your crypto wallets and how they perform with a simple and intuitive interface.