Present and share your NFT collection

Easily build your superlink to share it on all social media. Muti chain Easy building Fully owned Secure shortlink All NFTs indexed API Integration Avoid Phishing

Secure Shortlink

  • Get a tiny url
  • Fully owned shortlink

All NFTs Indexed

  • Multi-Chain Native Indexation
  • Opensea, Rarible & Nifty indexed
  • Collections Exploration

Easy Integration

    API to integrate to your site.

Be proud of your NFTs

In love with your NFTs but can't show them to the world? You can now forget those hard times: Build your NFT collection shortlink in a few seconds & post it in your bio!

Shortlinks upgraded for a web3 era

Link shortening tools have evolved with web2, but they have remained in the hands of third-party companies, not allowing full control over them. EGG Web3 Cards are unstoppable because 100% owned by your wallet.

Easy as connecting a wallet

Just connect your wallet and you're done! Your shortlink will be built from your ENS name and you can customize it.

How many NFT collections can I present?

Do I have to pay in order to use the Card Builder?

Are EGG.FI's shortlinks non-custodian?