Grow your Audience with Our Web3 Pro Tools

Empower your business with Web3 tools. Enable Web3 Login & Website Builder

Keep your users satisfied

    Every month, over 1 million users manage their portfolios with EGG.FI, and they want to see all of their balances in one spot. Users will be able to monitor and change their portfolio on your website once its integrated with our pro tools.

Increase your user base

    EGG.FI drives app discovery through our investment, applications, and tokens sites, apps that use our APIs, and people looking up wallets on our Wallet Explorer. Integrate with EGG.FI to be noticed.

Recipes and Rapid Scaffolding

    We provide scaffolding assistance to enable you easily incorporate essential app information directly into your website, as well as detailed tutorials to assist you.

Coin Lister

List your coin to a 100K+ community where our cryptocurrency users will be able to read and learn more about your project and be able to directly trade it on an exchange, stake it or to provide liquidity on your available pools.

Coin Builder

Easily build your coin with our pro Web3 development tools thanks to our advanced API integration that doesn't require any coding skills from your side and enable your users a truly decentralized Web3 experience.

Multi-Chain Payment Receiver

Easily enable Web3 payments and start receiving borderless cryptocurrency payments from multiple blockchains from cryptocurrency users around the world with a few clicks only and a easy set up API integration.

Web3 Login

Protect your users by easily enabling Web3 Login methods with payment providers like MetaMask, Magic, Trust Wallet and many more without any coding skills where users will be able to enjoy a decentralized and safe Web3 login methods when they interact on your website.

Web3 Mini-Site Builder

Easily build your Web3 Mini-Site and start enjoying the decentralized features empowered by blockchain technology which are crucial for the security of your project and your users.


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