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Crypto Savings Calculator

Budget wisely and continue with the rest grow your wealth. Input your monthly income (after tax) on our crypto savings calculator into the “Monthly Income” section, and let our calculator immediately show you how much should be spent in a month on your necessities, wants, and savings based on the 50/30/20 rule.

Montly income

What is the 50/30/20 Budget Rule?

Now, what in the world is this 50/30/20 rule we talk about? Well, it is a money management technique wherein you allocate

  • 50% of your income to your needs
    • These are the monetary obligations you must meet, like bills and groceries.
  • 30% to your wants
    • These are things or activities that are not a necessity, like movie tickets, eating out, or buying the latest iPhone.
  • 20% to your savings
    • These can also include lending in the stock market and staking.

How Can You Increase Your Savings?

Now, the point you were probably curious about the most. As a crypto platform, we recommend the following methods to increase your savings instead of simply leaving them to collect dust.


Get Crypto

Trade cryptocurrency on our EGG platform with ≈0% transaction fees, the LOWEST swap fees in the field. Our algorithms automatically discover the BEST decentralized exchanges so that you can exchange crypto easily and with the best conditions.


Consider Staking

Got your cryptocurrency? Well, now you can stake it and wait as it collects interest at the end of the locking period! The main benefits of staking are earning passive income, having low entry fees, high security, and by staking on the EGG platform, you also gain additional EGG tokens. For example, gain up to 10% APY by staking Ethereum 2.0 (4.86% ETH + 5.1% EGG).


Mine Liquidity

Liquidity Mining is frequently thought to mean continuously entering and exiting short-term transactions in order to serve as an intermediate. Earn fees while you keep your position. We suggest to use a stable pool if you are willing to start.