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Earn Profitable Staking Rewards with EGG

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An Easy to Use Secure Staking Platform

In the crypto world, it is difficult to choose between various validators. Based on a more efficient analysis method, EGG connects you with the best-in-class validators that provide high-uptime, secure staking with advanced monitoring and support.

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Staking Crypto Has Never Been This Easy

Staking crypto on your own is hard for any user. Stake as little as $10 in crypto coins and start earning passive income. The more assets you hold, the more income you generate. Stake now the top ranked assets that generate the most rewards in 3 easy steps:

Connect Wallet

Connect Your Wallet To Start Staking

Click on the green connect wallet button and select Metamask, Fortmatic, etc. Keep in mind that you will have to install the software on your computer. Once you’ve installed the software, you’ll get a popup on the right corner of the page, which is a signature request to give you permission to trade after confirmation. Once you’ve connected your wallet, you can go back to the staking platform.

Proceed To Staking Your Prefered Tokens

Now that the wallet is connected, you can select the token you want to stake, enter the amount of the token you want to stake, and click on the Stake button to continue. Now you’ll see a popup, which will require you to confirm the staking. Wait a few seconds for the next popup which will be for the staking transaction confirmation.

Earn Staking Rewards

During the confirmation process, make sure not to log out or refresh the page, because you might have to start all over again. Wait a few seconds for final submission and, afterward, check the tokens on your profile.

Cryptocurrency Staking FAQs

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What is Crypto Staking?

Crypto staking is a verification mechanism used by many cryptocurrencies to ensure the integrity of their transactions. It allows investors to earn rewards on their assets. Staking cryptocurrencies refers to placing your cryptocurrency assets on a blockchain network in the hopes of validating transactions. Staking is a more energy-efficient version of the proof-of-work system, which demands mining equipment that must solve mathematical problems with computing power.

How Does Staking Crypto Work?

Before you start staking, it is highly important to understand how it works. Staking is the process by which new transactions are added to the blockchain. Participants bind their coins to a cryptocurrency protocol. Validators are chosen from those who participate by the protocol to verify blocks of transactions. The more coins you put down, the more likely you are to be picked. Staking is the process of adding new transactions to the blockchain. Participants pledge their coins to the protocols, and from those participants, the protocol selects validators to confirm transaction blocks. The more coins you pledge, the better your chances of being selected are.

What Is Coin Control When Staking Crypto?

Coin control in crypto staking is a feature used in Bitcoin and its derivatives. It has several advantages, such as adding protection against a privacy threat known as Dusting Attacks, next up, you may reduce the fees you'd have to pay by selecting a coin selection strategy. Moreover, the selection strategy can reduce the byte size of your transaction, which will consequently reduce the network fees.

What Are The Risks of Staking Crypto?

With all of its advantages, staking comes with drawbacks as well. Some of the risks of staking are the crypto trading fluctuations and market risk, liquidity risks, market volatility, assets lockup periods, validator risks.

Can You Lose While Staking Crypto?

When staking a coin, it is critical to keep an eye on the currency's price and value. There is no need to stake a coin with an inflation rate or volatility that is too high. Even if you're able to earn high staking rewards from these currencies, the value may drop dramatically, leaving you with little to no profit. As a result, it's critical to invest in a currency with minimal volatility, otherwise, you can lose your earnings,

What Are Staking Rewards?

Staking involves "locking up" a portion of your assets for a duration of time as a method of supporting a blockchain network. Stakers may be rewarded with additional coins or tokens in return for providing computing resources to the network.

Can I Cancel Staking?

Canceling staking or unstaking is possible and requires no fees or money. Once you cancel cryptocurrency staking, your stake is set to "Locked" and can't be changed. It will stay locked till the end of the particular staking round and will only free up in the next round. Keep in mind that a staking round can take from 33 hours to 42 days, so you will have to plan the cancelation ahead and carefully.

On-Chain And Off-Chain Staking: What’s The Difference?

On-chain staking transactions are when a blockchain reflects the transactions on the distributed public ledger, and transactions are considered legitimate. This involves a transaction's authentication and validation by a certain number of participants. Off-chain transactions are transactions that take place outside of the blockchain and can be carried out in a variety of ways. Off-chain transactions are instantaneous, but on-chain transactions might take a long time to complete depending on the number of transactions waiting to be completed on the same network.

Can I Trade Assets During The Staking Period?

Staking usually requires a "vesting" period during which your assets are not transferable for a defined length of time. It means that users won’t be able to trade their assets throughout the vesting period. Staking has its own set of criteria and restrictions for each coin. Thus it is recommended to research the assets you’re thinking of staking to understand the minimums, time commitments, or vesting limitations.

How are Staking Profits Paid Out?

The main payoffs of crypto staking are crypto rewards and additional token earnings with high interest rates. You may be able to earn more than 10% or 20% each year in some circumstances. It has the potential to be a highly rewarding investment. And all you'll need is crypto that follows the proof-of-stake approach.

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