Visualize All your NFT Wallets from One Place

Keep an eye on your nft wallet total value performance in real time. Track your historical activity through multiple chains.

Compatible with 14 chains / 157 protocols:

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Control Your Funds

    Light (non-custodial) wallets allow you to fully control your funds and therefore are more secure and censorship-resistant. Non-custodial web wallets like EGG do not keep your keys, and offers you simple ways to manage them.

x200 Lower Cost

    The entry is free and our tools find the cheapest route among the best smart contracts compatible blockchains. The platform can therefore apply fees that were never anywhere else before.


    Thanks to multi-chain integration and their multithreaded architectures, the EGG network can process a surprising 65,000+ transactions per second!

Decentralized & Self Governed

    An open and inclusive web3 environment necessitates decentralized governance, meaning that economic benefits and control over institutions become distributed across society.

On Chain

    DeFi is not CeFi! When you trade on decentralized exchanges, the history is saved on the blockchain, not on a centralized exchange's database.

NFT Wallet Tracking Made Easy

Visualize your NFT Portfolio in a clean interface and track your balance in real time. Compare Easily share your portfolio with anybody.

Explore All of your NFTs with our NFT Wallet Tracker

Track live floor prices, volume and history of any NFT asset, drop or collection. Be among the first to benefit from the upcoming gems on our NFT wallet tracker.

NFT Management Made Easy

No coding skills required. EGG also makes NFT creation, promotion and management easy for everyone. Whether images videos, music, 3D files or apps, easily share your creations with the world... or keep them private if needed!

Eliminating the
Private Key Friction

The single point of failure with public-key cryptography is the private keys. EGG eliminates this point of failure by allowing you to seamlessly sign transactions and handle all your digital assets in a secure and decentralized manner.


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