Promote your Liquidity Pool on EGG

    List and place your liquidity pool on top of EGG's liquidity mining page to increase your TVL.

Boost Liquidity

  • +50B$ Liquidity Aggregation
  • +85K Customers
  • +5M Partners audience
  • Top Position Listing


  • Supports 14 Chains
  • Supports +163 DEXs
  • Zapper Contract

One Click Listing

  • Fill a simple form
  • 24h Listing
  • Support 24/7/365


Stabilize your Pool

Promote your project with us and let our users explore your coin or token and provide liquidity to help you stabilize your pool and prevent a volatility on your coin's price.

Increase your TVL

By promoting your liquidity pool to a 85k+ audience your project will be able to increase the Total Value Locked (TVL) and attract new users who will provide liquidity to your pool or directly purchase your coin or token from the exchange.


Target Specific Liquidity Mining Users

We offer you to choose which liquidity mining users you want to target based on their liquidity mining stake in the pool. You can target specific liquidity mining pools, small liquidity mining users or liquidity mining whales who have millions of crypto assets added into a liquidity pool.

Multi-Chain DeFi Liquidity Mining

Expand your DeFi liquidity mining on other blockchains and attract new miners that will stabilize your pool.


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