Web3 Digital ID: Introducing Humanity Check – 100% Opt-In

In Web3, digital ID isn’t just about technology. Ironically, it’s an opportunity to be more human.

What time to be alive?

We are one of the few companies chosen to witness a paradigm shift (the transition from Web2 to Web3). Not only is this transition impacting technology, but it is also changing the way we think about identity, which is a fundamental part of ourselves.

Web3 use cases such as NFTs, smart contracts, and DAOs are transforming the digital experience, increasing the complexity and value of examining humanity as each experiences the Metaverse collectively. The distinction between humans and code has become one of the most complex and unresolved issues as Web3 project developers strive to provide a fun and equitable experience to the community while protecting personal information.

As we continue to make progress, building an infrastructure that fulfills Web3’s full promises is not just a process, it’s a path from Web2’s disproportionate power environment to the benefits of a more equal competitive arena for everyone online. It is important to remember that.

Well, all humans.

Where we are: On the internet today, your identity is a product

Digital IDs have been around for years. However, Web2 is fragmented into various platforms and networks that we do not build or own. If you need permission to use them, you must agree to be ready to use them.

We unknowingly provide personal information to businesses to enable online experiences such as using apps, playing games, and accessing websites. Our social media IDs, chat messages, videos, and everything else we post online are owned by major technology companies, not us as copyright owners. They can steal our address, spy on us, ban us, cash-out billions of dollars in our personal information, and boost their lucrative advertising business.

Also, lack of control is not the only threat to private data that exists in centralized systems with a single point of failure. These platforms are often targeted by attackers to gain bulk access to private user data. In fact, there was a record number of data breaches in 2021.

How can we regain power in people’s hands? By building a human-centric solution.

Owned and managed digital IDs are the first Internet foundation for these people. The web where our online ID has digital rights equivalent to our physical rights. They return control and ownership to individuals while enabling fluid and diverse online world.

We knew that in order to achieve the web3 user’s ideals, this new identity framework needs to do the following:

What you Own and Control

You need complete control over your personal data, including what you share with your application and what you don’t. Moving data management from the enterprise to the individual opens up new economic opportunities as it allows you to rent, sell, or license personal data and content created online.

Secure storage of personal data:

There is a wide variety of data that needs to be associated with an online ID. Some, like payment addresses, are great for on-chain storage. Other data such as B. Medical records are too sensitive and too large to be stored in the chain. Therefore, to be truly useful,  online identities must support both on-chain and off-chain data.

Completely portable:

Say goodbye to closed systems in a variety of different apps. Get all connections, interactions, votes, karma, POAP, achievements, and rewards for different platforms and apps wherever you need them.

Web3 Digital ID Provides 100% Humanity Verification

Imagine a really fair NFT drop. This is something that makes sure everyone on the permit list is a unique person, not a bot farm with 10,000 wallets trying to trick the system. Where you can trust, innovation and communities thrive. Humanity checks make this possible while maintaining anonymity. 

Humanity Check has been validated, but it is a  100% private identity layer and can be added to your own domain. With Humanity Check, you can prove to your application that you are a unique person, enrich your experience, and collect rewards without exposing your personal information to your app.

How can you profit from Web3 Digital ID?

Your privacy is paramount:

Add a validation layer while respecting your privacy. The app uses a unique ID number generated by HumanityCheck to verify your ID, not your personal information.

You are in control:

You have 100% control over the data and the apps that this validation is shared with.

Quick and easy:

This process takes a few minutes and the validation needs to be done only once per NFT domain. Check once and use it for all apps.

Great rewards await!

Shortly after completing the Humanity Check process, the Blockchain Domain profile will validate the Humanity Check and unlock the new point program on both the platform and all login integration apps. More Web3 companies can create reward programs using this validation model that encourages user privacy.

Not interested?

No worries. Humanity check is 100% active. As always, you have control.

Humanity Check allows you to mitigate Sybil attacks while improving the customer experience and engagement by logging in on the integrated application.

We’ve partnered with identification verification provider Persona to validate identification. They’re leaders withinside the identification verification area and paintings with cryptocurrency structures like BlockFi, Swan, DAO Maker, and more.

Developing a new identity verification and robust KYC solution requires a great deal of effort and greatly increases the complexity of the app. With Humanity Check, your app has access to a rewards program that provides a fair and fraudulent experience and rewards the community “in one.” This allows applications to engage members meaningfully and safely build large communities, with a focus on pleasing users rather than technological development.

Next Step: Be Rewarded for Being Yourself

Since 2018, we have been working on the future of self-sovereign digital identity, regaining power in the hands of people. Humanity Check is the next step in building trust between Web3 applications and their communities, leading to a new era of privacy incentives.

The next step is to invite the community to take advantage of humanity checks right away. Verified immediately launches a lock on the benefits of a variety of domains, from credits to access to exclusive raffles and swags, from credits to the standard for redeeming benefits in countless web3 apps. increase.

As we say, the future of the Internet is being built. Today, we are excited to take another big step in enabling people to own and manage their digital identities. It’s user-approved, secure, and most importantly, rewarding.  Get an NFT domain, start building your digital ID, and enjoy the benefits of being yourself.

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