Users Open Less and Less Unknown Links, Here is What to Do

On your computer, phone, or even smart TV, randomly clicking links or visiting unknown websites puts you at danger of having malware secretly downloaded that will break or disable your computer or other devices.

You could get into problems if malware is installed while you are browsing a dangerous website. On your computer or smartphone, downloading an app that contains malware could also get you into trouble. And your Smart TV is also affected by this.

The majority of individuals are aware that emails and Facebook messages from unidentified senders may include perilous links. However, many people continue to click on them.

According to a study, the experiment’s findings were crystal clear: up to 56% of email recipients and 40% of Facebook users clicked on links from unknown senders despite being aware of the possibility of their machine becoming infected with a virus. What is the main cause? Curiosity.

Clicking Unverified Links Can Harm your Device in Many Ways

Ransomware, often known as ransomware, is harmful software that prevents users from accessing a compromised computer. If you download ransomware, there’s a potential that these criminals will “lock” your computer, hold your data hostage (such as images, work files, login information, or payment information), and refuse to release it until you pay up—typically in anonymous Bitcoins.

Today, businesses are susceptible to this con. Even when you pay the thieves, they occasionally refuse to give you the unlock codes. Bummer. (Tip: Always keep a recent backup of everything you own in a different location.)

These con artists could obtain your passwords, your (mobile) payment information, and access to all of your files if malware or viruses are installed on your device. Even malware capable of turning off your antivirus program is becoming a thing. You don’t need me to tell you what might occur next.

And to make matters worse, your risk increases the more devices you have linked to the internet. Scammers are likely to gain access to all of your devices if they manage to breach just one. more so if they are linked by iCloud, Google, or other comparable services. As well as through Google’s “Home” or Amazon’s “Echo” through your IoT (Internet of Things) network.

Your smart TV, refrigerator, home security system, or printer may become exposed if your gadgets are compromised or malware is installed if they are connected to the internet.

Of course, the scammers want your money most of all. However, they will grab hold of anything they can. As you are surely aware, information is valuable, and criminals will pay a lot for information about you (on the dark web).

Most of the time, the apps you download (or have secretly downloaded) are configured to track all of your online activity and then share your personal data with third parties. This sensitive information may include financial account and credit card details, information about online account access, and even health-related details, depending on the spyware.

But Hold On: You Can Easily Stop these Things Cold

To protect yourself from harmful malwares or viruses, you can simply start using EGG Superlinks which have more trust than a classic URL and are verified links without any harmful content.

Our Superlinks employ a checker tool to identify harmful URLs, such as malware, phishing, and scam links. The checker checks URLs for malicious software, viruses, phishing links, and scams. A website checker determines whether a website is legitimate, fraudulent, or phishing.

What does EGG’s Superlink Offer?

  • Multiple Blocklists: With the help of our Superlink, you may scan a website using more than 30 blocklist engines and online website reputation services, making it easier to find hazardous and fraudulent websites. Determine the URLs of malicious and phishing websites.
  • Threat Analysis: Cyber security firms and IT researchers use EGG Superlinks to expedite the cyber threat analysis process, making it easier to spot potentially dangerous websites that have been flagged as threats by several reliable sources.
  • Safety Report: When you submit a website, you can receive a safety report that contains information on the website’s IP address, domain creation date, server location, names of blocklists that were used for scanning, links to those reports, and more.


Your data is everything and many scammers are trying to get to it in order to sell it, but now that you know the danger of clicking random unverified links, you will be able to protect yourself and your device by using EGG’s Superlinks and prevent malicious websites from stealing your data or personal information.

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