Trust Wallet (Crypto Wallet Guide)

Trust Wallet is currently one of the best crypto wallets for iPhone and Android devices. The software is open source and gives the user complete control over his private keys.

Tutorial: How to Create a Wallet on Trust Wallet

Visit Trust Wallet official website, download their app and install it.

To open a new wallet, select “Create a new wallet”.

Confirm in the application that you understand the importance of a backup without which you cannot access your wallet in case you do not save or lose it.

Write down the 12-word seed phrase (backup) that you use to access your wallet, in case you delete an application or install an application on a new device.

The words are automatically generated in a unique order and you are the only person that have such security words in that order. There is no possibility that another person has the same seed phrase order on another wallet.

Please note that a person who has access to your seed phrase can access your wallet and manage funds.

Do not take a photo, do not record it in digital form (eg save it on a computer, send it to Gmail or some other app) to exclude the possibility of a third party accessing your backup.

It is best to write down the Seed phrase on paper or steel plate and keep it in a safe place.

When you write a seed phrase, the application will ask you to confirm the order of the written words.

This way you have confirmed that the backup is written correctly on your part.

When the wallet is ready to use, select on “Receive” what type of cryptocurrency you want to receive on the wallet.

Select the desired cryptocurrency, in this example we will select the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

The wallet will display your Ethereum address to which you send exclusively Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Example Ethereum address on trust wallet (Do not send to ETH address in example as refund will not be possible).

When you receive Ethereum, it will be visible in your wallet.

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