Roads Ethereum Didn’t Take

Generally speaking, sometimes it feels like Ethereum’s biggest challenges come from choosing between two versions, a simplified blockchain version that values security and a high performance platform for advanced application building. Some of the examples mentioned above are questioning Ethereum if it wants to have lesser features and be like the Bitcoin or have more advanced features and be more developer-friendly.

The question is do they worry about making development funding credible neutral or to make it more like the Bitcoin one, or shall they first worry about foremost and making sure that developers are rewarded enough to make Ethereum powerful.

We believe that Ethereum team’s vision is to achieve both versions of Ethereum at the same time, where a base layer specification becomes smaller as years pass by, and a powerful developer friendly advanced app ecosystem that is centered around layer 2 protocols.
That being said, it will be require a lot of time and they would have to think about the road map step-by-step, it’ll probably help them a lot.

Currently, there are a lot of things that they cannot change, but there are also a lot of things they can change, hopefully, there is still a way from them to improve both functionality and simplicity of the Ethereum project.
But sometimes the pat isn’t that simple and its twisted, but either way, they need to add more complexity so they can enable sharding on Ethereum which will be beneficial for a lot of layer-2 solutions, because it will push the scalability on top. Removing complexity is possible, and Ethereum’s history already proved that in the past, that:

  • EIP-150 was able to make the call stack depth limit to be no longer relevant, relieving contract developers’ worry about security.
  • EIP-161 successfully created the “empty account” concept to be something separate from from an account with whose fields are zero is no longer existing.
  • EIP-3529 where refund mechanism part has been removed and made gas tokens no longer viable.

There are still plenty of ideas, for example Verkle trees’ idea of reducing complexity even further. But the real question is how to better balance the two versions, this is the thing where they have to put a lot of thinking about.

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