The Problem with Too Many Apps

The fundamental idea behind Web3 and cryptocurrencies is excellent. Business operations should be streamlined and optimized with the use of digital technologies. In summary, the Web3 is designed to help organizations become leaner, more adaptable, and ultimately more successful.

It should also make us all more effective and productive. Even though there is an app for almost anything these days thanks to the App Economy, this presents a big challenge for enterprises and business communications.

The Problem of Apps Overload

Apps are amazing because they link us, let us share stuff instantly, and let us organize our days down to the second. In actuality, an app exists for almost anything. Additionally, applications are continually changing and introducing new innovations to the consumer sector, which are subsequently embraced by the business world.

The idea of having applications for everything appears to be fantastic. This is fantastic news for the average customer because apps provide an unmatched level of connectivity and convenience. App fatigue is a real problem in the corporate world, though, and it’s something that companies need to address if they want to continue to be successful and productive.

How Does App Fatigue Affect Productivity

The situation of employees being bombarded with apps that are meant to increase productivity and efficiency is known as app fatigue. In fact, the opposite is true when using too many business apps for specific business functions.

We can all relate to the sense of having too many apps on our smartphone displays that we may or may not use. The distinction is that, as a business user, you are unable to delete the aforementioned applications from your laptop or smartphone because they might be used by other employees.

In reality, a wealth of research has shown that employees frequently mention app overload and fatigue as growing sources of irritation that impede productivity.

How EGG.FI Resolves This

Toggling between too many apps will decrease productivity just like juggling too many things at once will. It takes a lot of time, can be distracting, and results in a lot of inefficiencies to constantly move between apps to carry out various DeFi operations.

This is where EGG.FI comes to play, it not only that saves you a lot of time and money, but it also makes your DeFi experience much easier and more user friendly as you complete DeFi actions from your wallet address.

For example, a single DeFi user needs to switch several apps in order for his trade order or staking order for example to go through. He firstly needs to connect his wallet address, then open the staking page to stake his assets and once the transactions is signed, he needs to track the progress of the staking order on another explorer app like Etherscan, BSCScan or Polygonscan.

This is where EGG.FI comes to play. Users on EGG.FI can make all sorts of DeFi actions from a single place without moving from one app to another, for example, EGG.FI offers the following DeFi actions from a single page:

  • Wallet Explorer where you can track your crypto coins or NFTs and also track your wallet address history;
  • Decentralized staking across multi-chain networks;
  • Decentralized liquidity mining;
  • Trading across multi-chain networks and over 1,000+ cryptocurrencies;
  • Bridging on multi-chain networks;
  • Create superlinks;
  • Build Cardboards for your NFT or NFT Shop and much more.

So as you can see, all of the DeFi actions can be done on EGG.FI’s app page without leaving the website for another app in order to do another DeFi actions. This saves both, a lot of time and money.

Final Thoughts

In order to facilitate efficient working and communication among a workforce that has never been so dispersed, organizations worldwide have been compelled to implement a number of new applications, including the Bitcoin and Web3 infrastructures. Companies who didn’t use Web3 apps for their operations are now recognizing that they must rebuild their infrastructure using Web3 solutions.

And those who are offering services across many apps will soon need to catch up and offer services on a single platform in order to save its users time and money.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of EGG Finance. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always perform your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.