Instead of a $100 Refund, Sent $10.5 Million

By chance, an Australian woman who was owed a $100 refund by ended up receiving $10.5 million.

It took the exchange seven months to realize the colossal error, by which time Thevamanogari Manivel had gone on a spending spree.

A court heard that she gave gifts to six people, including family members, and spent money on a luxurious five-bedroom home.

It’s believed that a employee inadvertently entered a bank account number into the payments box, and the error was discovered only during a routine audit.

Legal proceedings have been ongoing since December 2021, and a court has now ruled that Manivel must repay the entire amount… plus interest.

However, a significant portion of the funds have been sent to her sister Thilagavathy Gangadory in Malaysia. To make matters worse, she appears to have ignored requests from’s solicitors.

A judge determined that if had not made this error, Manivel would not have been able to purchase the luxury property in Melbourne.

He did, however, call it “extraordinary” that it took so long for the crypto exchange to realize the significant overpayment had been made.

Work to recover the remaining funds is ongoing, and the case is set to return to court in October.