How EGG CityCoins Can Help Local Community

EGGCity Coins are the next big thing in the cryptocurrency sphere, they allow you to support your local community, promote the local consumption, protection from international market volatility and so much more.

Local Community Support

EGGCity Coins are meant to be more than just tokens for those who care about a city and its local community, whether they live there, own property there, or simply have an interest for it. If EGG City Coins become economically useful—that is, if more people use the money and construct smart contracts and decentralized apps on the platform—their value will rise.

Users of EGG City Coins are banking that this technology will become ingrained in everyday urban life in their local community, potentially reshaping governance.

We are witnessing the EGG City Coins expansion as more and more worldwide users are using, discussing, planning and building their EGG City Coins. Besides that, there are plenty of new cities created worldwide on EGG’s City Coins platform.

Cities like New York, Miami, Philadelphia are already created and they will be the first ones to harvest the benefits of the EGG City Coin technology trend.

Promotion of the Local Consumption

The most basic market connection structure is the local consumption model, in which things made by local people are sold in local markets. Fresh fruits and vegetables are sold directly from the farms to the street or local markets by some growers.

Others sell their fresh stuff after it has been processed. Traditional local food that has taken root in the area and has been cherished by locals for a long time is generally included in the latter examples.

Producers can sell their products in a local community events in their neighborhood under this concept. As a result, intermediary costs such as transportation and packaging can be avoided. They can also minimize the loss of commercial products.

Their products are not harmed during delivery because they do not have to deliver across a great distance. Furthermore, they can sell their products without worrying about their shape or size because local community events or markets typically do not have rigid product shape and size regulations.

Another advantage of local marketing is that manufacturers may engage directly with customers. Such direct communication allows producers to understand their customers’ preferences, obtain feedback on their products, and use that information to improve their future production.

Protection from International Market Volatility

More than a quarter of households say they are having difficulty making ends meet as the cost of a weekly supermarket shop rises by 7%, the highest rate in 13 years.

According to one market research, nine out of ten respondents are concerned about growing grocery prices, trailing only concerns about rising energy bills as the cost of living crisis strikes families hard.

Higher prices on vital products such as food and gasoline may become expensive for individuals whose wages aren’t rising as quickly. Even when their earnings rise, higher inflation makes it difficult for customers to distinguish if a given item is becoming more expensive relative to other items or simply increasing in accordance with the overall price increase. This can make it more difficult for people to budget properly.

What applies to homes also applies to businesses. The cost of critical inputs such as gasoline and microchips is increasing for businesses. They may wish to pass on these expenses to consumers, but their ability to do so may be constrained. As a result, they may have to reduce production, which will exacerbate supply chain issues.

When we hear about the costs of living increasing, then two things come in mind, cryptocurrency and inflation. Many governments and cryptocreators are trying to halt the rot using digital tokens as official currencies throughout the world have been falling for years. The cryptoboom also implies restoring independence for ordinary people.

A digital money like EGG City Coins is the ultimate of freedom for many people: no central authority, perfect transparency — the exact opposite of what any government wants, cryptocurrency is the only available salvation right now against the inflation.

Final Thoughts

EGG City Coins can be programmed and will grow in value over time. As towns claim their protocol contributions one by one, communities and software grow around their respective EGG City Coins, the potential of EGG City Coins become limitless. Tokens will be used by EGG City Coins communities to construct apps for incentives, local benefits, access control (to digital or physical areas), trade, lending, smart contract execution, and more.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of EGG Finance. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always perform your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.