From Lego to Minecraft to The Sandbox

Lego vs. Minecraft

The similarity between Lego and Minecraft is identical, at some point, Lego must have been the inspiration for creating the popular Minecraft game.

Some of the similarities between Lego and Minecraft are:

  • It a possible to build almost anything
  • Both of them have various blocks
  • Detailed blocks (garden, fence, food, rails, etc.)
  • Wide variety of weapons, including guns, lightsabers, and many more
  • Possibilities to design your own avatar, you can choose different body parts, even though Minecraft has lesser designs available than Lego, but still, you can choose between dozens of skins
  • You can build different vehicles, starting from cars to robots.
Lego vs. Minecraft

What does Lego have that MC hasn’t?

  • On Lego, not everything is in cubes, the blocks are in different shapes
  • You don’t need a battery or electricity to play Lego, so that’s the only advantage that matters the most.

The Sandbox: Minecraft on Steroids

Gamers around the world love Minecraft. This simple and outdated game looks strange and pixelated, but it’s one of the most requested games. In the game, you build land and expand it with buildings using blocks with different colors and many features. Blocks are a model of in-game currency. You have to give up something to build more blocks or find an item that can be turned into a box.

Imagine combining new technology like blockchain with the idea of ​​a game like Minecraft where you can make money by building houses, towers, etc. on imaginary land. This is the main idea behind The Sandbox, a voxel gaming platform on the blockchain similar to Minecraft and Roblox. The difference is that blockchain-based platforms have collectible assets and cryptocurrencies.

The Sandbox: Minecraft on Steroids

This site is currently under development, so there is currently no playable version of this game. Nonetheless, the developers are actually releasing a 2D mobile version of the site, so users can enjoy what they get when the Grand Portal is ready. The editor for creating models for future blockchain versions of the game and various animations is also fully functional and is used by both designers and amateurs.

What Is a Voxel Game?

Voxel games or game platforms have been around for quite some time and are not new. Before jumping directly into the sandbox platform, let’s first understand how other gaming platforms running on voxel graphics monetize their behavior.

Definition of a Voxel Game

Voxel is a term that refers to a particular type of graphic. Voxels are when talking about the value of space. But not as a square or, for example, a polygon, but as a shape that is completely related to everything else in a given space. Instead of being defined in the code, the position where the voxels are placed is calculated by the entire game.

Voxel graphics are primarily used by low-cost or amateur designers. This is done because there is not much to learn when it comes to mastering skills in the voxel design genre. You don’t need to have knowledge of programming and code.

This does not mean that games based on voxel graphics are inferior in quality to other regular graphics games. Voxel game fans find it great and fun to play.

Monetization of Voxel Games

Voxel games are based on the voxel platform. A voxel platform is basically a place on the web where designers provide software to create new games for tomorrow. When designers come up with some new design pieces, often referred to as collectibles, they can charge the player for the currency of the platform to sell these unique items. Later, you can use the item in any compatible game.

Players can buy this currency from the developers of the platform in exchange for fiat currency or cryptocurrencies, if there’s a blockchain-based platform we’re talking about, just like with the Sandbox. When the player plays, the designer also receives a fair distribution of revenue, minus the fees held by the portal developer.

The most famous example of a voxel platform is Minecraft. Roblox is another famous one. With Minecraft, developers earn coins for premium content and Roblox fans earn Robux.

The Sandbox, the Minecraft of the Blockchain

The Sandbox, the Minecraft of the Blockchain

The centralized system used in today’s voxel platforms is a major concern for The Sandbox developers. And again their main motive. Minecraft coins can only be purchased by developers of the Minecraft platform.

If the developer decides to shut down the platform today, tomorrow all designers will lose one coin. Sandbox is a voxel platform built with blockchain and cryptocurrencies in mind. No one owns the platform, but everyone on the site, whether a designer or a gamer, owns some of it.

Very Successful Mobile Platform

There is a mockup of a fully functional 2D mobile platform in the sandbox that allows users to create games using designer-created voxel elements. They simply called it a sandbox.

This version can be played on your computer via iOS, Android, or the Steam network. Since its launch in 2012, over 40,000,000 The Sandbox have been downloaded. The idea for a 3D version of the sandbox is to be able to compete with big platforms like Roblox and Minecraft.

The Voxel Sandbox Editor

Vox Edit is the publisher behind The Sandbox and the place to list items for sale by designers. Creators can log in to this editor and use their creativity to develop the first models, animations, etc. for future full-platform games. You can download the editor from here and try it out.

Funding Is Not an Issue with The Sandbox

The team behind the project managed to raise $ 2 million for the artist to create the first high-quality animations and mockups on the platform. As an artist, all you have to do is enter the website, enter your credentials, and get started.

The Sandbox, a Simple How-To

The Sandbox, a Simple How-To

Sandboxes work much like any other mainstream voxel platform, but because the platform isn’t owned by everyone at the same time, it’s owned by the player playing, so it’s a cryptocurrency instead of fiat. A layer has been added to protect both designers using and anonymously because you can pay for items purchased from creators.

In order for them to get some cute and unique items, they have to pay the creators a crypto coin called SAND. For each collection sold, the sandbox platform receives a small fee.

As with Minecraft, developers also charge for core assets, items that players use when they first log in to a new game and start exploring the environment. Think of it like the first few blocks you get when playing Minecraft and other voxel games. Designers can also negotiate with developers to place ads in their games, increasing their chances of selling more designs.

The Future of Blockchain Voxel Games

What is certain is that the sandbox is not just a platform, it’s another blockchain-based economy for developers and buyers, it’s a game of the future. It’s the real thing people have been waiting for. 40 million downloads can’t lie or be simple. There is demand, so there is immediate supply.

It certainly takes some time for the whole thing to be optimally developed, but the first one is already set up. The game isn’t over yet, there was a sale of land worth over 800 ETH. I’m excited about the final product. Ready for the next big voxel game. I hope it won’t be long before everything is realized.

The Benefits of Games Like The Sandbox in Metaverse

The Benefits of Games Like The Sandbox in Metaverse

Games like The Sandbox are very important to the Metaverse world, but as time passes more and more platforms starts to pop up from nowhere and allow their users various Metaverse experience.

One of those is EGG.FI where you can reach out to all Metaverses from one universe. For example, Google Street View mixed with Metaverses, where you can walk in the VR augmented streets, empowered by builders who make your world look more appealing, in an unlimited, constantly evolving world.

Some of the most valuable benefits of Metaverses are:

  • Communication innovation for workplaces and educational institutions
  • Double the power of the blockchain
  • Developing and Promoting a Virtual Economy
  • New branding opportunities

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