EGG DeFi Platform: Securing & Simplifying All Things Crypto

As with any platform, security and privacy are some of the most important things people look for when they are online. We, at EGG, also take this subject quite seriously, and the team does the utmost best to make the platform as secure as possible, that’s why we’d love to cover some aspects of the EGG’s security. 

Is It Safe to Use the EGG Platform?

Is It Safe to Use the EGG Platform?

When you access, enter, or submit your personal information on our website, we use various security precautions to keep your information safe. To know more about this topic, it is necessary to understand our Privacy Policy and the structure of our platform. 
When you register on the EGG website or participate (writing, reading, evaluating the content) in our forum, we collect and gather data about you, such as your name, email, and IP addresses. This information is then used in one of the following ways:

  • Personalizing your experience – Collecting your information allows us to respond more appropriately to your individual inquiries. 
  • Enhancing our website – your feedback, in particular, is quite helpful in making our website more accessible and easy to understand.
  • Improving our customer service 
  • Sending periodic emails – your email address may be used for sending you information or notifications about changes to the topics you request. 

What’s The Point of Cookies and Does the EGG Use Them?

Like most websites, we also use cookies to save your preferences when you visit us in the future and gather data regarding site traffic and interaction to provide better site tools and services. At times, we may contract third-party service providers for assistance in better understanding our site visits. However, rest assured that these providers are only allowed to use the information obtained on our behalf to assist us in managing and improving our business. In addition, we do not sell, transfer or trade your personal information to parties outside the ones mentioned previously (which is done strictly for website and business assistance, with a confidentiality agreement).

The EGG DAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organization

The EGG DAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organization

A DAO in crypto refers to an organization managed by the collaborative work of its contributors and community members and operated by computer-encoded rules (smart contracts). It needs to have an internal token that the organization can spend or use as a reward for activities performed within it.

By participating, users also gain voting rights and, with it, the ability to impact the way the DAO operates. As such, the EGG protocol is upgraded and governed by those who hold the EGG token. The Voting smart contract enables the community to propose, vote on, and execute changes using the EGG token’s administrative features. In this context, voting refers to locking up your EGG token for the duration of the poll. The weight of your vote, on the other hand, is proportional to your EGG share in the overall poll.

The EGG Protocol (Token)

The EGG Protocol is the official token of the EGG platform. It is used to elicit positive feedback loops, as well as for protocol governance, fee payment, staking, and incentives. As a governance token, EGG enables its holders to vote and dictate its protocol. Aside from that, advertisers on our website can reward token holders for promoting their projects (while protecting their privacy). Users can also utilize the EGG to cash out the assets sooner by reducing the locking phase. It can also be of use with multiplying the yield and raising brand awareness.

How to Avoid Possible Scams and Fraud

Shopping online always has some risks, especially considering the anonymity aspect. At EGG, we strive to provide safe ways for our investors to purchase our services, such as Airdrops, Cryptocurrency Staking, and Liquidity Mining, from our website. To do so:
Our project owners are required to verify their identity before listing their property. A warning is displayed if a user views unverified projects. If the submitted project is inappropriate or suspicious, it will be instantly removed and deleted.

So What Should Any Investor Keep in Mind?

However, as we continue to improve our security, scammers continue trying to better their tactics. As such, here are some things we ask our investors to keep in mind to avoid possible scams. 

  • If a project is missing necessary information, it is best to avoid it and choose one that has a solid team, whitepaper, roadmap, etc.
  • Another important thing to note is that we do not participate in over-the-counter transactions for IEO, Airdrop, STO (Security Token Offerings), Staking, or Liquidity Mining. So if you receive such messages, it is in your best interest to report the profile and delete the message. In addition, scammers may present that their project is having a big discount for EGG services, which creates a fear of missing out in the eyes of an investor.
  • And lastly, we believe that every client has the right to request further information about the project in which they are investing, and the best method to do so is to either meet in person or call. Thus, if the team members are unwilling to do so, it may be best to avoid it. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that you found our blog about the securities and safety measures of the EGG platform helpful. To reiterate, our website collects information about you when you register and use it, as well as by utilizing cookies. This information is then used to better your experience and improve our overall website and customer service. The EGG DAO and token also play a part in the improvement of our security and general platform.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of EGG Finance. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always perform your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.