EGG x Pancake Swap x BSC

The EGG Protocol is Now on Pancake Swap!

December has just started but we already have great news for the EGG community!

The EGG Protocol is Now on Pancake Swap!

The new version of the EGG Protocol is listed on Pancake Swap! We’re happy to announce that the new contract has finally been enabled and EGG is liquid on the platform. Check it out now!

Trade EGG on Binance Smart Chain

BSC fans, rejoice! You may now swap the new version of the EGG Protocol on the BSC, too! Regardless, you will be able to bridge the previous EGG contract on the same chain soon. We start with low liquidity to test in our low scale bridging tool and then we’ll start spreading the liquidity on ETH, MATIC (Polygon), BSC, and FTM as well, and with that, we will start the liquidity mining incentives as well.  Moreover, if you want to analyze your stats, you can use the DEX Tools, which has ETH, BSC, Polygon, and FTM available for use.

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