EGG Aims to Build Web3 ‘superapp’

EGG.FI’s goal was to create one place for all DeFi features so cryptocurrency users won’t have to switch from one website to another in order to complete various DeFi actions such as trading, staking, liquidity mining, bridging, etc.

Therefore, EGG looks to create a Web3 ‘SuperApp’ by adding a search engine, social media, and easy web3site creation since the current Web2 search engines, social media and websites are limiting the free speech and they are a tool for the big corporations to impact the public’s opinions.

Your Browser History is for Sale

If you are wondering what identifying information they have, your ISP has already collected a lot of the information you need to maintain your network, your location, and what you are looking at online.

A lot of companies say that they won’t use confidential info such as hospital records, bank details, child details, etc. without your consent. However, simple browsing history can reveal this personal info very easily. For example, symptoms searched on Google. There is concern that this info can be used in order to identify you as an individual.

ISPs are more likely to sell anonymized information to marketers and advertisers, allowing them to better target their ads.

At this point, individual brands may appear to follow you on the internet. After viewing Boots in Zappos, Zappos ads may appear on other unrelated websites. If a vendor collects information about your behavior on multiple websites, competitors may use it in real-time to display ads for competing shoe brands.

You may also see more specifically targeted ads based on deeper profiles that your ISP can create, even if they aren’t linked to a particular ID.

How EGG will Protect your Search Data

By using the distributed search engine mechanism which does not have a central server. Unlike traditional centralized search engines, tasks such as crawls, data mining, indexing, and query processing are distributed across multiple peers in a decentralized way, rather than using a single control point.

This way, EGG.FI doesn’t have an access to your search engine data. This will help your data to be stored in a decentralized way where bidders cannot bid on your data and in return, you will have a pleasant search engine browsing without seeing related ads.

Full On-Chain Directory

EGG.FI’s Data Feeds are the most widely used decentralized oracle networks in the DeFi ecosystem, providing a tamper-resistant and highly reliable source of financial market data on cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, commodities, FX, indices, and more. EGG.FI’s data is securing thousands of users and their deposited funds for various DeFi applications such as Olympus DAO and Aave, our team is constantly working to build additional security features for our DeFi users.

Given our security-focused approach, we are proud to announce the launch of the EGG.FI’s On-Chain Data Directory using ENS, which creates an easily identifiable on-chain index of the EGG.FI’s addresses, which is providing our users with additional assurance that they can rely on.

Ethereum Name Services (ENS) is a distributed protocol for creating human-readable domain names that point to specific on-chain addresses or contracts. ENS stores all metadata on the chain, so as long as the Ethereum network is still running, users can detect contracts and connect to EGG.FI data easily and decentralized.

NFT Authentication & NFT Collections

NFT authentication is the process of verifying NFT validity, transaction history, and connectivity to the underlying asset. When someone buys an NFT, they may want to make sure it’s an NFT that’s actually associated with the asset they’re actually buying (such as real estate). Sometimes you want to know who had it in the past to make sure it’s a work of art and hasn’t been stolen.

NFTs are so valuable these days that they can be sold for millions of dollars, so more and more people are asking for certification. Just as diamond dealers and buyers have a way to prove the quality and reliability of stones, there are multiple ways to prove the reliability of an NFT.

The wild world of NFTs has swept the world of cryptocurrencies in the last 12 months. It’s not loved by everyone, but it’s attracting the attention of most people due to the sheer volume and number of projects being launched around the world.

According to some NFT data aggregators, the top 50 best NFT collections have generated millions of dollars in sales over the last seven days. In the meantime, the data show that the top 10 NFT collections alone generated transactions worth over $ 500 million from 19,468 unique buyers.

EGG.FI offers NFT users to explore various NFT assets on multiple blockchains where they can like, comment, add them to their favorites list, or even bid on the NFTs that they would like to own.

B2B Web3 Services

EGG.FI believes that Web3 is the next big thing that will resolve a lot of active issues with the current centralized authorities, therefore, EGG.FI is offering low-fee cryptocurrency payments, login, and authentication services.


At the end of the day, disabling restrictions and protecting users’ personal data online is doable and possible, and there are more and more companies out there that are trying to achieve this, but it takes time.

There are still moral companies like EGG.FI who are trying to deliver decentralized protocols in order to provide fully protected services without the need for selling users’ data, getting involved in politics and blocking users’ free speech, and much more.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of EGG Finance. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always perform your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.