DeFi finally accessible from Fiat on EGG.FI

We can all witness the increased interest for DeFi from the newcomers, the hassle to manage private keys and web3 wallets like Metamask still represents a major barrier between mainstream customers and the decentralized world.

While most CEXs (centralized exchanges) have only on-ramp (or limited off-ramp) capabilities, and only provide a small set of DeFi assets / applications; EGG.FI provides a frictionless access to all DeFi tokens in a Multi-Chain environment.

It is therefore now possible to purchase all assets spread over Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon from a simple credit card.

Thanks to our Magic integration we resolve the aforementioned problems by letting users access your Dapps from anywhere. Seed phrases and private keys are now replaced by OTP code, device 2FA and recovery email features.

The feature will be live on EGG.FI on 01 OCT 2022.

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