🥚 Cocoricos.io becomes Egg.fi !

Dear EGG Farmers and beloved crypto community,

Today is a big day for our project, probably the most important one in its relatively short but exciting history.

We are proud and excited to announce that Cocoricos.io becomes Egg.fi !
The new platform is actually in maintenance and is going live shortly.

Why is Cocoricos rebranding to Egg?

It is the fruit of a long reflection within the Cocoricos teams. This name remains in our hearts, it refers to our French identity and we will not forget it.

EGG.FI is universal, it is similar to the EGG symbol and it is a beautiful simple 5 letters domain name that follows the logic of expansion that we are leading.

What must I do?

Nothing! The update will take place gradually and the following improvements will accompany the transfer:

✔️ Enable Staking / Liquidity Mining from your profile
✔️ Interact with Metamask from your profile
✔️ Deploy the first version of the profile Dashboard v2 (2.0)
✔️ Complete URL Forwarding
✔️ Transfer Domain Name

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