How to Get your First EGG City Coins

EGG City Coins are the next big thing in the cryptocurrency world and everyone is trying to understand how to buy EGG City Coins, where to buy EGG City Coins or how do they work, even United States Mayors are basically fighting each other so they can have the best City Coin technology implemented in their city.

What is EGG City Coin?

People can use EGG City Coins to help their city and expand its digital treasury while also earning Bitcoin BTC and Stacks STX. Each city has their own coin, starting with the first city coins such as Miami and New York.

How Can you Earn EGG CityCoins?

Apart from being able to buy EGG City Coins. EGG.FI eases the process of earning EGG City Coins by completing some easy profile tasks. To start earning EGG City Coins on EGG.FI, you first need to visit the app page and visit the City Coins category. From there, if your city is not added in our list, you can simply add it and you will earn some free EGG City Coins on your profile.

But even if your city is already added by someone on our list, you can still earn free EGG City Coins by completing various tasks from your EGG.FI profile.

Earn EGG City Coins in Exchange for your Skills

The interesting part about EGG City Coins is that anyone can earn them and you are not required to buy EGG City Coins. No matter what are your skills, you can simply visit our marketplace, search for online jobs, apply for any job that you want, get hired and start earning your desired EGG City Coins as a salary among the first EGG City Coins.

The salary will be paid in EGG City Coins which will be beneficial on many levels, as there are no intermediaries to take a cut from your earnings or have a high inflation on your hard earned money.

Promoting Local Services

EGG City Coins helps you attract customers to your local services business. By using EGG City Coins for your business, it highlights the most important information for customers to choose your business: services offered, service area, hours, and reviews.

How do City Coins Work?

The two initial functions of EGG City Coins are mining and stacking.


On the Stacks system, City Coins are mined by sending STX (the Stacks token) to the City Coins smart contract. The winning miner can claim their City Coins at any time from their Stacks address.

Miners send 30% of their STX to the Stacks protocol to a wallet that is designated for each city in the City Coins ecosystem. At any point, the mayor of a city can accept the reserved wallet to have access to the treasury for the city’s purpose.


Stacking is a Stacks protocol feature that allows City Coins to reward holders of STX and BTC.

The remaining 70% of STX that miners provide to the Stacks protocol is awarded to City Coin holders who wish to stack their tokens. Holders must lock their City Coins for predetermined “reward cycles” in order to stack them.

STX prizes are earned by stacking City Coins. BTC rewards can be earned by stacking STX rewards on Stacks.

Can EGG City Coins Protect from Inflation?

EGG City Coins can be described as a tool for fighting high inflation rate. With more than 10% annual inflation, more people are looking for other methods for saving the value of their money.

With EGG City Coins, you will be able to combat inflation and preserve your original value of your money.

How to Invest in EGG City Coins?

If you were wondering how to buy EGG City Coins or where to buy EGG City Coins, there are different ways of investing into EGG City Coins, you can invest your money and grab EGG City Coins or you can simply invest your time and find a local community job and get paid in EGG City Coins.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of EGG Finance. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always perform your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.