A Bitcoiner Claims That He Has Discovered the “Long Lost Satoshi Bitcoin Code,” Which Includes Personal Notations

According to Jim Blasko, he was able to unearth raw data and files from Bitcoin v0.1 using “a little browser hacking,” which included notations from Satoshi Nakamoto.

Jim Blasko, an enthusiast for cryptocurrencies, has asserted that he has found “the official earliest known uploaded copy of Satoshi’s Bitcoin,” which was uploaded for the first time in August of 2009.

Blasko said in a post he made on Facebook on October 7 that he had discovered code that dated back before the initial days that Satoshi went public with Bitcoin BTC by “using some browser hacking” on SourceForge, an open-source site for the creation of software, where the coin was registered in November of 2008.

He also allegations that it took the developer of Bitcoin six months to mine one million coins “since block 20,000 wouldn’t come until July 22nd 2009 and others like Hal Finney” were also mining during this time period.

After looking into some old coins he had manufactured, Blasko went to SourceForge and, with some browser hacking, located the missing Bitcoin v0.1 raw data and files. “It was considered that this particular upload had been lost for at least ten years,” he added.

“This particular upload was thought to have been lost for at least ten years.” “Since 2012, it was considered that the raw code and the files had been lost since they had been scraped from the SourceForge search engine for some reason I performed some digging, and I was able to retrieve the original code.”

According to the two links to SourceForge that Blasko gave, Satoshi’s personal notations included comments on why Bitcoin used base-58 “instead of normal base-64 encoding,” as well as questions regarding how to handle problems in the future:

In 2008, Satoshi released the white paper for the cryptocurrency that would later be known as Bitcoin. The Genesis Block, the first ever Bitcoin block, was mined on January 3, 2009. Many people in this sector continue to speculate about the true identity of Satoshi, the founder of Bitcoin. In his honor, sculptures, papers, memes, and non-transferable tokens have been created.

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