The Decentralized Search Engine We All Deserve!

Explore the world using the best search engine powered by and for the community.

Decentralized Search Engine

    Connect yourself to the internet in a secure and fast way without worrying about your privacy and data.

The Best Search Engine Built on Blockchain Technology

    Using the powerful blockchain technology we are able to offer a truly decentralized online experience.

Guaranteed Online Protection

    Protect yourself with our decentralized search engine when you visit your favorite websites online.

Best Decentralized Search Engine with Peer-to-Peer Networking

Begin your new era of browsing by using a distributed best decentralized search engine that provides search results via a peer-to-peer network of computers.

Protection for your Personal Data

Your personal data is everything. You no longer need to worry about how your personal data is being used and begin a new online journey with less ad targeting.

Without Any Central Authority

Web searches are decentralized, all users are treated equally, there is no central database for saved searches, and a shared index.

We do not Collect Data

EGG has a close relationship with privacy-aware tools. As a result, it does not collect personalized information. It also lacks an integrated 'phone-home' feature. Cookies are not used on this website.

What is a Decentralized Search Engine?

Why is important to use a Decentralized Search Engine?

Is my personal data secure and protected with EGG's Decentralized Search Engine?

Am I tracked when I use EGG's Decentralized Search Engine?

What is a P2P network?