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Wondering how to trade NFTs? Start your journey to the Metaverse with our crypto NFT market on EGG.FI. Obtain and expand your collection of various Non-Fungible Tokens with our web3 safe and secure NFT marketplace.

Acquire NFTs with Fiat or Credit Card Payments

Don’t have crypto? No problem! EGG.FI has got your back! Get the NFT that strikes your fancy with Fiat and/or Credit Card Payments!

Explore Trending NFTs in All Categories

Easily and seamlessly exchange, trade and sell crypto coins in a matter of minutes! Just sign up, connect your wallet to find the best trading opportunities on EGG.

Explore Many Other Advantages

EGG Protocol puts user needs above all else. Here is our panoply
of advantages aimed at improving your DeFi experience:

Collect, Build or Trade NFTs

Create or trade NFTs of your choice. Connect your wallet, upload NFT music, cinema, or gaming NFTs to our NFT platform, and share your work with your fans. You can also build and interact with your fanbase right here.

All NFT Marketplaces Aggregated in a Single Place

Find the NFTs you want all in one place instead of searching throughout different websites. See what’s trending in each category and take your pick.

NFT Floor Prices: The Lowest Prices

Trade at the lowest NFT prices. Take advantage of our reduced transaction fees and obtain the best quality NFTs at a more affordable price.

Easy Bundle Verification

Obtain NFTs through crypto to crypto transactions without the need for a KYC (Know-Your-Customer). Although you will need to sign the KYC for fiat trades, it will be done in an easy and simple way.

Skip NFT Marketplaces Cache

Want to be sure you get the NFT projects that are shown? Use EGG.FI! Unlike other NFT markets that use their STALE cache, our platform allows you to SKIP them. Minimize the possibility of trading an NFT with a non-existent asset or one that is different from what is displayed.

Instant Listing Notifications

Be instantly informed once the artist you chose uploads a new NFT. Never miss out on obtaining a great item and investment.

Fetch NFTs Faster

Get your NFTs faster and in simpler ways! With EGG.FI, all the processes are simplified, so your user experience will be that much better.

Grab Rare NFTs: Rarity Rank

See all the rare NFTs ranked right in front of you. Find out which traits are considered to be rare at any given moment. Which one do you think will stay on top?

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