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End-to-end solution to build and manage one or multiple DeFi portfolio(s) from one place. Discover the world of decentralized finance with EGG.

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Decentralized asset management protocol connecting you with the world’s best portfolios on the Ethereum blockchain in a permissionless, non-custodial and trustless manner.

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DeFi Yield Farming

Gain smart access to Liquidity Mining and Staking with interoperability across multiple blockchain ecosystems. EGG Protocol integrates with DeFi from Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Avalanche-X, Curve, P2P Validator and many more.

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What is EGG.FI?

Our DeFi solutions allow our users to trade and sell their crypto with the lowest fees. EGG finds the best routes among several crypto platforms to provide the best price and quickest transactions possible, moreover, we offer Fiat > DeFi flow with CC payment via our Transak partner. Join the safest DeFi portfolio tracker in the world. We don't possess users' private keys which makes us the most secure DeFi exchange platform. Buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and many other cryptocurrencies with crypto or fiat on our global DeFi marketplace without any risks.

Can I create a wallet with a simple email or phone number?

Yes, we offer email address sign up via Magic but we do not provide sign up with a phone number.

Do I need to be a tech-savvy to use EGG?

Don't worry, you don't have to be a tech-savvy in order to use our features, we've made sure to make the DeFi experience on EGG.FI as simple as possible and easily accessible for everyone.

What is the difference between EGG and Binance?

The main difference between EGG and Binance is that EGG is a fully decentralized platform and does not hold your private keys which means it does not have any control over your funds, while Binance, which is a centralized platform has a full control over your private keys and funds. Other than that, EGG.FI offers more handy DeFi tools such as our Wallet Explorer page, Single Asset Liquidity Mining, Bridging tokens on different blockchains, Fiat to Crypto with cheaper fees and cheaper Crypto to Crypto trades.

What is the difference between EGG and Uniswap?

While both platforms are fully decentralized, EGG.FI offers much lower fees for Staking, Liquidity Mining, Bridging and Trading through the cheapest and most secured routes. The other significant difference between EGG and Uniswap is that EGG.FI offers fiat on-ramp trades while Uniswap does not.

What is the difference between EGG and a Traditional Bank?

There is a huge difference between EGG and a Traditional Bank, in practice there is nothing in common between those two. While Traditional Bank offers financial services under a heavy regulation with little to no yearly rewards, and in some cases even a negative rates, on the other side, EGG.FI offers a fully decentralized financial experience with huge yearly rewards thanks to the Staking and Farming features available on EGG.

What problems does EGG fix?

EGG is solving the "Blockchain Trilemma" by offering a DeFi Dashboard where users can try various DeFi features such as Staking, Liquidity Mining, Trading, Bridging and much more in a decentralized, scalable and secured platform.

What are the fees that EGG takes for Trading, Staking or Liquidity Mining?

EGG.FI does not charge any fees, the network fees for Trading, Staking & Liquidity Mining are not fixed and they can vary from one network to another, by our user's experience, Polygon has the lowest Staking and Trading fees while Liquidity Mining is a little bit more expensive because it is available in the Ethereum network only.

What are the blockchains supported by EGG?

EGG is built on ETH, MATIC, BSC & FTM protocols while supporting 14 tokens on its wallet explorer page, such as: ETH, BSC, FTM, MATIC, SOL, etc.

Does the EGG Platform hold my funds?

EGG is a non-custodial platform and does not hold your funds.

Does the EGG Platform hold my private keys?

No, EGG is a fully decentralized platform and does not hold your private keys.

How can I connect to EGG?

EGG offers various login methods, some of the most used ones are MetaMask and Magic, but there is also a "Enter Address or ENS Name" login method where you can explore any wallet address as long as its supported by our 14 blockchains.

Are the protocols listed on EGG developed by EGG? No, EGG lists external protocols etc..

No, the listed protocols on EGG are not developed by EGG, they are external protocols.

Does EGG have a Burning mechanism?

Yes, the EGG token has a burning mechanism of 0.3% for every bridge transaction.

Is EGG a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (or DAO)?

Yes, EGG is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and EGG token holders have voting rights to make difference in the EGG course.

Is EGG responsible if one of the protocols we list gets hacked?

We are not responsibe if external protocols listed on EGG.FI are being hacked or breached.

Is EGG owned by financial institutions or people having different interest than decentralized currency ownership?

EGG is owned by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a goal of providing user friendly and simplified user experience in the DeFi world.

How can I reach EGG support team?

You can reach EGG's customer support by sending an email to [email protected] or by chat in our Telegram group.

Can I earn free money on EGG?

Yes, EGG.FI will offer various Play-To-Earn (PTE) games where you can earn free crypto and later on exchange it for real money or put your earned crypto to work for you by staking it on the EGG.FI platform.