Create Crypto Staking Contract without Coding

    Empower your project with decentralized crypto staking smart contract and give your investors a reason to hold your token.

Compatible with 14 chains / 157 protocols:

Security First

  • Audited
  • Solidity proved on a large scale
  • Building Since 2018

Easy Creation

  • One Form Only
  • Listed in 24h
  • Solidity proved on a large scale

No Coding Skills Required

    No coding skills required. EGG also makes smart staking contract creation easy for everyone


Build Up your Community

Attract new investors with your staking crypto program and increase the price of your token along with its stability on the market.

Fully Decentralized Crypto Staking Contract

Let your investors enjoy the benefits of a decentralized crypto staking where they earn passive income from their staking rewards.


Powerful APIs Integrations

No Tech skills required, create your staking crypto smart contract without any coding experience and with a few clicks only.

Staking Crypto Made Easy

Staking crypto and receiving staking rewards was never any easier. Empower Web3 technology for your crypto staking program and allow your investors to stake crypto without any hassle.

What is crypto staking?

On which blockchains can I create my crypto staking smart contract?

Which wallet providers are supported for the staking smart contract?

How are crypto staking rewards calculated?

Is the EGG's staking smart contract fully decentralized?

Are hardware wallets supported?