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The live One price today is $ 0.00067 usd with a 24-hour trading volume of $1 546 560 usd. We update our ONE to usd price in real-time. One is down -0.54% in the last 24 hours. The current coinmarketcap ranking is #, with a live market cap of $0 usd. It has a circulating supply of 17 093 875 904 428 ONE coins and the max. Supply of 12 689 379 752 ONE coins.

What Is One (one)?

ONE is BigONEs new platform token, issued at total number of 20 billion, and will be locked until mined, and gradually released through an innovative Trade-Mining Mechanism. ONE holders will receive 100 percent of trading fee on BigONEs platform. ONE is divided into two parts: Community-owned 51% of all ONEs belong to community. The total amount is 10.2 billion. Once mined/released, these ONE tokens can circulate on BigONE. BIG token holders owned 49% of all ONEs belong to existing BIG token holders. Total amount of this part is 9.8 billion ONEs, and will be released at the same rate as the community-owned part in proportion. These ONEs will be airdropped to all BIG token holders every day. However, these ONEs airdropped to BIG holders will be frozen till June 21st, 2022 UTC+8, and cannot be circulated on the BigONE trading platform or other platforms during this period. Trade cryptos in the Trade-Mining section, and get your trading fee rebated in ONEs of the equivalent value. Refer new users to complete registration, pass identity verification (KYC) on BigONE, and start trading in the Trade-Mining section. As incentive, you will receive 20% of your referred new users trading fee rebate in the form of ONEs. BIG tokens stored on BigONE platform will automatically be airdropped ONEs. Hold ONEs, Share All Platform Trading Fee Everyday at 00:00 UTC+8, BigONE will take a snapshot according to the current ONE balance on the platform. All trading fee occurred on the platform during the past 24 hours will be airdropped to all ONE holders in the form of a number of crypto assets received by the platform. Allocation formula = number of ONE held / total number of ONE released All ONEs are locked until mined, and will be gradually mined through Trade-Mining or Referral-Mining or Airdrop to BIG token holders until 20 billion ONEs are all mined. Trade-Mining Trade-Mining can only be achieved by trading crypto assets in the Trade-Mining section. Every midnight (or 00:00 UTC+8), the platform will calculate all trading fees occurred in the Trade-mining section during the last 24 hours (from the previous 00:00 AM to 24:00 PM UTC+8) and unlock equivalent worth of ONEs using the average price of ONE on the same day. On the following days 10:00 UTC+8, the trading platform will rebate these unlocked ONEs to users / miners who traded in the Trade-mining section in the previous day. Referral-Mining Referral-mining is the incentive mechanism for the platforms existing users to invite new users to sign up BigONE. Every midnight (or 00:00 UTC+8), the trading platform will calculate the total trading fee from your referred new users tradings on the previous day (from 00:00 AM to 24:00 PM UTC+8) to the equivalent value of ONEs. BigONE will rebate 20% of your referred new users trading fee to you in ONE tokens. Such incentive will be given to you on the same day at 10:00 AM UTC+8. Note: The ONEs that are referral-mined are released in addition to the regular trade-mined portion, thus BIG token holders will also receive their equivalent proportion of referral-mined ONEs airdropped. Airdrop ONEs to BIG Token Holders Every midnight (24:00 PM UTC+8) the platform will take a snapshot of the balance of BIG tokens, and airdrop mined ONEs to BIG holders according to the formula: [Previous days number of unlocked ONEs in the Community-owned part] / 51 x 49]. However, these ONEs given to BIG holders will be frozen until June 21st, 2022, and cannot be circulated on trading platform during this period, but the platform rebates continue to apply. Friendly Tips As soon as the new Trade-mining rule applies and 100% of BigONE's revenue (trading fee) is rebated to ONE holders gradually, the previous BIG buy back scheme will be terminated, because BIG holders will get airdropped ONEs and receive related rebate and incentives. ONE is a platform token of BigONE and is not traded on other platforms. Please be reminded that crypto assets could be highly volatile with high risks. Any investment decisions should be made with caution. 隞銋烙NE? ONE BigONE 撟喳唳典箇蝘臬嚗銵駁摰200鈭選銝憓嚗憪券典餌嚗餈啁鈭斗單踱箏園皜閫颯BigONE隡撠100%鈭斗蝏剛晶嗅亙梁ONE ONE 箏 敶撅蝷曉箇冽琿典瘥51%嚗梯恣102鈭蹂葵 ONE嚗閫颱誑臭誑 BigONE 撟喳唳嚗 敶撅BIG Token典瘥 49%嚗梯恣 98 鈭蹂葵 ONE嚗撠隡蝷曉粹典閫駁摨衣瘥靘閫鳴瘥憭拍征蝏 BIG Token 嚗冽瑕BIG Token瑕ONE璇臬漲閫嚗寞敺摰嚗嚗BigONE撟喳圈餈BIG Token瑕ONE撠隞銝撟湛芾砲典ONE鋡怨芸刻圾颱亥絲嚗 瑕 ONE 孵 鈭斗蹂箝鈭斗蝏剛晶隞亦潛 ONE 餈餈冽瑯 霂瑟啁冽瑕瘜典頨思遢霈方嚗霂瑁航瑕鋡恍霂瑁踵圈憸憭20% ONE憟晞 摮曆 BigONE 撟喳啁 BIG Token 嚗隡瑕皜閫餌 ONE ONE 臬曹澈撟喳啣券其漱蝏剛晶 瘥憭 00:00 敶 BigONE 撟喳啣 ONE 敹怎改撠銝憭拙像唬鈭抒鈭斗蝏剛晶嚗隞亙像唬漱撣蝘敶W嚗嚗ONE銝芣 / ONE蝝舐妖閫餅圈瘥靘蝛箸唳 ONE 韐行瑯 ONE憪券典餌嚗餈鈭斗踴/霂瑟踴/ BIG Token 蝛箸蝑孵甇亥圾鳴渲 200 鈭蹂葵ONE券刻圾颯 鈭斗踴 芣具鈭斗蹂箝餈銵撣撣銋渡鈭斗賢唬漱踴瘥憭 0 對撠銝憭抬0-24對冽瑚漱嗆斤蝏剛晶嚗銝憭 ONE 撟喳隞瑟澆翰改Y銝箇潛亙僕銝板NE閫鳴撟嗅典憭10對撠閫餌ONE餈蝏其箏鈭斗輻冽瑯 霂瑟踴 霂瑟踵臬像啁冽瑚蝏啁冽瑞瞈望箏嗚瘥憭 0 對撠銝憭抬0-24對鋡恍霂瑞冽瑚漱嗆斤蝏剛晶蝞蝑隞瑞 ONE 銋嚗 20% 瘥靘雿銝粹霂瑁抬撟嗉圾餌詨ONE嚗典憭 10 寡拍霂瑁 瘜冽嚗霂瑟輻 ONE 撅鈭憸憭閫駁典嚗BIG Token 典銋蝑瘥隡瑕閫颯 BIG Token 亙啁征ONE 瘥 24 孵撖 BigONE 撟喳唬 BIG 雿憸餈銵敹怎改撟嗡誑甇斗圈銝箏函洵鈭憭拐 10 寧征銝亥圾餌 ONE蝛箸銝箝嚗銝憭押蝷曉粹典ONE閫餅圈嚗/ 51*49 ONE嚗撟嗆 BIG 瘥靘嚗蝑瘥靘蝛箸蝏 BIG 韐行瑯 BigONE 皜拚成蝷箝 BIG Token 撠銝蝏抒賒韐准瘥 ONE 銝 BigONE 撟喳圈函妖嚗芸典嗡撟喳唳 啣韏鈭找遠潭郭典之嚗鈭斗憌拚霂瑟函批斗剖僎蝏芾澈賢摰⊥箔漱喟



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