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The live ABCC Token price today is $ 0.012 usd with a 24-hour trading volume of $16 usd. We update our at to usd price in real-time. ABCC Token is down 0% in the last 24 hours. The current coinmarketcap ranking is #2381, with a live market cap of $549 305 usd. It has a circulating supply of $0 at coins and the max. Supply is not available.

What Is ABCC Token (at)?

ABCC Digital Asset Exchange will give ABCC Token (AT) on July ninth 2018 (UTC+8) as a feature of our User Incentive Plan.

1. What is ABCC Token?

ABCC Token (AT) is an ERC20 Token to be given by ABCC Digital Asset Exchange. The all out supply of AT is fixed at 210 million with practically no future offering.

2. Advantages of AT

AT is a blockchain-based symbolic local to ABCC Digital Asset Exchange. Individuals holding freely have the option to gain admittance to a wide scope of advantages including however not restricted to—

Using AT for different items and administrations on ABCC. For instance, individuals can buy other advanced resources, pay exchange expenses and gain particular admittance to premium administrations with AT.
Participating in different exercises and missions on ABCC. ABCC will compensate individuals who meet specific models. For instance, individuals holding freely share in 80% of exchanging commissions gathered by ABCC.
Participating in different exercises, for example, local area building, collaboration among individuals and ABCC, proposing ideas to ABCC and others.
3. Beginning Allocation

Below is a breakdown of the underlying designation of AT.

4. Issuance

We will take on an instrument called “Trade Contribution + Simultaneous Release” to give AT.

4.1 Trade Contribution

In request to urge our clients to exchange on ABCC, we have chosen to remunerate our individuals with half of the all out supply of AT.

Of the half compensated to clients, 4/5 (for example 40% of the absolute stockpile) will be utilized to compensate individuals who exchange on our trade stage by means of the “Trade-to-Mine” (ToM) instrument. The other 1/5 (for example 10% of the complete stock) will be conceded to clients who exchanged before the issuance of AT.

4.1.1 Trade-to-Mine (ToM)

40% of the all out supply of freely be utilized to compensate individuals who exchange on our trade stage through the “Trade-to-Mine” (ToM) mechanism.

Drawing motivations from the Bitcoin mining model, we have taken on a comparable expansion model for AT. Specifically, the ToM component incorporates two stages, i.e., “release” and “distribution”.


The arrival of AT follows a half-life rot design. There are 6 half-life periods altogether with every period being 120 days (around 4 months). We will deliver half of the complete inventory of AT in the initial 120 days. The quantity of AT to be delivered in the accompanying half-life period will be divided, etc. Kindly see subtleties of AT discharge plan underneath.

Within every half-life period, one “block” will be created like clockwork. A similar number of freely be delivered for each square inside a similar half-life period. For instance, the quantity of AT to be delivered for one square in the first half-life period is determined as follows.

The absolute number of AT in the first half-life time frame: 42,000,000;
The number of days in the first half-life time frame: 120 days;
One square will be produced each 6 hours;
The number of squares to be created consistently: 24 hours /6 hours = 4;
Therefore, the quantity of AT to be delivered for one square in the first half-life period: 42,000,000/120 /(24 hours /6 hours) = 87,500.

We will disseminate AT delivered in a square to individuals for every the level of their exchanging charges inside that block.

If it so happens that there are no individuals qualified for the awards in a specific square, the delivered AT alloted to this square will be conveyed in the following block.

4.1.2 Reward for Historical Trades

10% of the all out supply of voluntarily be utilized to remunerate qualified existing clients. We will convey the awards to the qualified clients in view of their aggregate exchange volume commitment finishing 24:00 June 27th, 2018 (UTC+8). The prizes will be frozen for 180 days after the send off of AT.

4.2 Simultaneous Release

AT will be delivered to the stage, group and financial backers with respect to the quantity of AT delivered and conveyed to individuals through Trade-to-Mine (ToM).

The number of AT delivered by means of Simultaneous Release = the quantity of AT delivered and dispersed by means of ToM * (half /40%).



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