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A van is a kind of road vehicle used to move passengers or cargo. A van may be larger or smaller than a pickup truck, an SUV, and a regular automobile depending on its type. The meaning of the word varies a little bit depending on which English-speaking nation you are in. The tiniest vans, called microvans, are used to move a very small number of either products or people. Compact MPVs, mini MPVs, and MPVs are all small vans that are typically used to transport a small number of passengers. For institutional uses, including the transportation of students, larger vans with passenger seats are employed. Larger vans with only the front seats are frequently employed for corporate transportation of supplies and machinery. Television stations employ specially equipped vans as mobile studios. Large step vans are used by courier firms and postal agencies to transport packages.

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Jakarta, Indonesia

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Lagos, Nigeria

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Paris, France

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Minneapolis, United States

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Advantages of Van City Coins

Discover the unique advantages offered by the coins of the city of Van.

Encourage Local
Consumption in Van

Boost the Van economy by encouraging local consumption, avoid relocation and increase the ability of producers to hire.

Promote Van Savings and
Local Wealth Creation

Promote local wealth creation and savings with the validity of the Van Coins being limited to a territory and the service of the local economic force (small local shops, local producers, etc.).

Facilitate Economic

Facilitate economic cooperation between you the resident, and Van. Encourage city manufacturers to reduce the transportation of products and take action against climate change.

Social Initiatives

Receive a basic income each month by participating in common actions - selected by the Van community - for the good of the city.

Reduce Wealth
Inequality in Van

Provide the vast majority of the newly issued Van Coins to the residents as a form of universal basic income to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor.

Protect Van from International
Market Volatility

No need to worry about fueling market speculation with derivative assets. The Van Coins improve the territory in which they are administered, losing all value outside of it.


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