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Another great airdrop from the Xenon Care project, very easy airdrop, all you have to is it to complete the Xenon Care KYC verification and once you are approved you will receive 5,000 XRX tokens on your wallet. The XRX token will be released both on the basis of Ethereum and Bitcoin platform, the total supply of the XRX token is 750,000,000 XRX tokens.

Xeron care is introducing an open-source cryptographic token named XRX, which is visualized as a health care cryptocurrency to be used in medical data storage and retrieval services. XRX is a pure cryptocurrency of a fixed supply (750000000). It is intended to be bought by users and by providers and researchers. Similar to other cryptocurrencies, the units are mutually interchangeable and transferable, and they will be expected to trade in cryptocurrency. The user connects to the blockchain via the Xeron Care platform. A user can buy at a market price and spend it on services. Every time the user or the doctor writes on the blockchain there may apply a transaction fee (Details will be revealed later). This fee will be very small and have relatively no impact on the global token economy of the user.

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