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Verity Airdrop

Verity aims to become the decentralized oracle that connects the real-world to the blockchain world, in real-time.

Verity is the decentralized oracle for smart contracts.It makes it easy to verify real-world information and connect it to any smart contract.Using the wisdom of the crowd and blockchain-as-a-court-system, Verity is the solution to the oracle problem.

In an Alpha event, you must correctly submit the required data. If majority of participants submit the same data, consensus forms and everyone in a consensus is rewarded from the reward pool. Cumulative earnings are automatically tracked in a dashboard and distributed on a weekly basis to all Alpha users. Once on the mainnet, users will be able to withdraw the funds directly from the smart contract. If you have any questions please let us know in our Discord channel.

Complete at least one event to receive around 0,003 ETH or 50 VTY.

Listed since early stage

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