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Spindle Airdrop

Unique Investment/Asset Management Platform with Utmost Transparency and Fairness
$23 400/  $23 400
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $1.8

The project is good. They are also listed on ICObench with an average rating from 3.5 but only from the bot. whitepaper and team is solid.

However the value of $0.129 per SPD is ridiculous high. Compared to the total supply this is huge. Therefore we highly doubt the tokens will be worth $30 when they hit the exchange. In addition to that the airdrop requires way too many tasks.

UPDATE (May 28th): Spindle hit exchange and is listed on CoinMarketCap and we were right. With $0.021 it's far away from the promised price of $0.129. Additionally to that we didn't received any tokens, yet.

Listed since early stage

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