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SoPay Airdrop

SoPay is like digital currency Alipay. A completed digital currency payment solution designed for each consumer scenarios is in rapid implementation and landing.

Even if the total supply is very high the circulating supply will be only 0.81 billion SOP. Compared to that the 1,000 SOP you receive are a lot. This is also reflected in the current value of about $20 (0.0333 ETH).

The whitepaper is very good and informative. The linkedIn profiles of the team members are missing and the website also contains less info.

We only don't know how they send you the tokens because you don't have to insert your ETH address anywhere. Probably you get further instructions via sms or on their Telegram channel. We keep you updated if we know more and if you do so please contact us :)

The airdrop is hosted on the official domain and should be legit.

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