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Today we have another great and worthy airdrops thanks to the Snowball Money Contest project where our airdrop hunters can participate and win some valuable USD prizes for completing some easy social media tasks such as pre-register for the Snowball app, join their Telegram Group, follow them on Twitter, retweet their tweet, visit the contest page and complete other various social media tasks to earn more entries, you can also get one entry for each of your referrals. Winners will get the rewards directly on the Snowball app. The reward pool for the Snowball Money Contest is 1,000 USD where 1st place is rewarded with 500 USD, 2nd place with 200 USD, 3rd place with 100 USD and 4-10th place divide 200 USD equally.

The Snowball project is a high-interest account for all your digital investment needs where you can access the future of investing with the Snowball app available for both iOS and Android. Some of their key features are:
- Security & Access where your digital assets are always stored directly on your mobile device
- Easy & Efficient Investing
- Grow your portfolio with Snowball cryptocurrency coins, real estate, gold, etc.

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