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SciDex Airdrop

For the first time, billions of dollars worth of isolated scientific data will be traded, setting a new paradigm for advancements and collaboration in Science.

Professional website, team and whitepaper. It has no mainstream use case which is interesting and very promising. We see a good potential that they'll succeed.

The airdrop is user friendly (like with the most bots) which is a advantage. However it requires some takes and takes at least 2 minutes.

Even if the whitepaper isn't in the final version yet it's already better than the one of some competitors. Some things like the total supply and the token price are missing which is why we couldn't say much about the value of the airdrop. So why still 4 stars? Probably we have some disclosed info we can't tell and we think it's a 4 star airdrop ;)

Listed since early stage

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