EGG is on Uniswap! Harvest some to boost your APY

Today we have another great and worthy airdrop for our airdrop hunters to claim thanks to ProEX (USDT) project where our airdrop hunters can earn some USDT tokens for completing some easy tasks such as registering an account on ProEX website, verify their email address, login and complete their KYC verification. Invite your friends and earn 1 USDT for every referral who register on the ProEx website. (Maximum 100 referrals). They also have three heist, in the first one 500,000 USDT jackpot will be delivered to 19 lucky users who will be draw weekly and will split 40,000 USDT each. ProEX's coin USDT is an ERC20 token type built on the Ethereum platform with a total supply of 6,998,318,752 USDT tokens with a current price of 1 USD per coin.

The ProEX (USDT) project is a cryptocurrency exchange created by a team of experienced financial experts from all over the world, they equips themselves with Singapore AA KYC and AML/APG level (FATF). They offer their services to multiple languages such as Mandarin, English, VIetnamese and Turkish. Some of their key features about their smart trading are:
- Various Original Products,
- Premium and Multidimensional Security System,
- Decent Trading Experience
- ProEx Token

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