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ParisCoin Airdrop

The PARISCOIN platform is a recent generation of blockchain technology built to enhance on the bitcoin and ethereum technologies.
$87 750/  $87 750
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $1.5

The whitepaper is very short and seems unfinished (There are placeholders for the date an so an). The 3 person team has images from them in their free time which isn't very professional. We also don't get the use case. "A better Bitcoin and Ethereum" - what? Last but not least the website is also not good. My grandma can do this better with wordpress.

Another big red flag is if ICOs talk about the future price of their token. Because NO professional ICO would ever do that because they know that this can lead to huge problems with the SEC because the tokens will be seen as security tokens.

The airdrop is no real airdrop because you only get "bonus" tokens if you buy more.

All in all we can't give more than 1 star. (and we could actually list more negative points...)

Listed since early stage

I hereby declare the following: