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Another great airdrop from NokNok project, the NokNok project is airdropping 100 NOK tokens to the community members for completing some of their easy social media tasks such as Telegram tasks, Twitter tasks, etc. tasks. Also, you can earn an additional 5 NOK tokens for each of your referrals, you can invite unlimited referrals. The NokNok airdrop is quite worth, you can earn 5$ + the referral commission.

NokNok is a great all in one project, a platform for booking hotels, luxury apartments, flights, bikes, and car rental. They are the bridge between the crypto sphere and the traditional payment system, they provide their users with the ability to access worldwide properties with few clicks only and with way fewer fees than the other apps are charging.

The NokNok project was created by two entrepreneurs that put up a big developer team and experts to make this project a possibility. They also have developed an amazing app available for both, Android and iOS users. In their app, you can locate millions of hotels, apartments or properties for anyone, anywhere around the world, an app that has more than a million properties listed waiting to be found and rented by users like you.

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