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Another great airdrop, this time from the Minereum project. When the Minereum V2 is released, each address you have submitted will become a Minereum Genesis Address with 32,000 MNE coins. Minereum is already listed on CoinMarketCap.
With the current growth of blockchain technology, Smart Contracts are clearly becoming
the future of our financial system. From creating an Insurance, a token or a complete
election voting system, blockchain technology is now allowing anyone anytime anywhere to
replace and disrupt complete market sectors, and all of this with just few lines of code.
Whole government functions and institutions are now being created with what we call
trustless trust, without any central authority in the middle to block it.
Minereum contribution to this great ecosystem will be to attempt to introduce a new mining
approach in the cryptocurrency space, this new mining approach is transparent, fair and
shared by all the participants with the consideration of containing the supply for a future
increase of value. The mining process of minereum is something never seen before.
Instead of traditional mining, the availability of coins to each Genesis Address will be calculated purely by a mathematical formula on the fly.Genesis Addresses will be airdropped for free to the community, everyone will get the same share of coins per Genesis Address, no need for mining pools or mining equipment, the mining will be done automatically by the code itself.

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